The Red Road

Six Sense

How The Red Road's short seasons serve its story. 2015.05.07S02.E06

Putting The 'Ass' Back In 'Gaslight'

The Red Road's A-hole list got shorter...but the A-holes didn't get any smaller, JEAN'S A-HOLE MOM. 2015.05.01S02.E05

Dingleberry PD

Harold gets a promotion -- but can he rise in Sarah's Red Road a-hole power rankings? 2015.04.23S02.E04

Harold And Mad

Is Red Road's reluctant cross-jurisdictional partnership just what the show needs? 2015.04.16S02.E03

Always Bet Red

Sarah had it wrong about Julianne Nicholson, who's elevating The Red Road with a thoughtful performance. 2015.04.09S02.E02

Good-Lookin' Bad Seed Seeks Romance, Possible Getaway Driver

We found Kopus's (made-up) online-dating profile. Poke him today! (Gently. That abscess is pretty painful.) 2015.04.02S02.E01


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