The Real World: S28

Unanswered Questions About The Real World: Portland

What didn't we see? What's the rush? Does Nia know the camera's on? 2013.06.13S28.E13

Numbers Of The Beasts

Nia's nuttiness has no consequences, for her or for our final Power Rankings. 2013.06.13S28.E12

Daisy Dooks

Dog poo = dogfight, Jessica briefly departs the basement, and more Power Rankings intel. 2013.06.06S28.E11

Terrible Christians

Will Marlon and Jessica's trip to church affect their spots in the standings? (Spoiler: nope.) All this and more in the Real World power rankings. 2013.05.30S28.E10

Trying To Be Supportive

Not everyone does so well with that, and Bird hits a window in this week's Real World power rankings. 2013.05.23S28.E09

Cliquing Up

Anastasia's over Jess, Nia's over working, and Marlon's still way out in front in this week's Real World power rankings. 2013.05.16S28.E08

'YOU'RE The Trophy.'

And yet, nobody really "wins" in this week's RW power rankings. 2013.05.09S28.E07

'This Is Going To A Bad Place.'

Word. Bird takes flight in the RW Portland power rankings. 2013.05.02S28.E06

'You Can Be Right? Or You Can Be Happy.'

Or you can date Averey, and be neither. Get the latest Real World power rankings right here. 2013.04.25S28.E05

'Leave Her Alone, Ignore Her'

Which Real World "her" do we mean? All of them. (Not you, Daisy.) 2013.04.18S28.E04

'Jordan, We Can't Hit The Girls.'

But you might try shorting out their mic packs. Please? 2013.04.11S28.E03

'I'm A Very Sexual Person.'

Or, if you're Jessica, a very annoying person. 2013.04.04S28.E02

'I'm Still Full Of Shenanigans.'

Jordan's out to an early lead in PTV's Real World power rankings. 2013.03.28S28.E01


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