The Real World

EHG 129: Snatching Wigs With RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

Mark Blankenship gets into the Blankenship Chair to spill the T. 2016.09.13

Multiple Techniques vs. 'It Kills Me Kira!'

It's Tasha Yar's sex droid vs. Dave's love for his girlfriend! 2015.11.16

Troy And Abed In The Morning vs. Montana And Vaj Break Up

It's Greendale's favorite morning show vs. "Whore! Whore! Whore!"! 2015.09.28

Chip Off The New Block

Jason's skeleton closes out the Real World season, and our power rankings. 2015.03.11S30.E13

Dinner AND A Show

Stolen bottles, foxy exes, and retrograde attitudes about the check mix things up for the Real World: Skeletons power rankings. 2015.03.04S30.E12

Mad Love

A skeleton arrives for Madison (possibly only the first one), and Jason's baby is born. 2015.02.25S30.E11

Oh, Brothers

Bruno's right about everything; just ask him! ...Later. Ask him later. 2015.02.18S30.E10

Mexican Hat Dunce

Nicole's fellow triplets visit and Bruno confronts a Hamburglar in the latest Real World power rankings. 2015.02.11S30.E09

'I Can't Relate To Your Rich-People Problems'

Ignoring people who bait you...not throwing tables at know. Those problems. 2015.02.04S30.E08

'You're Disgusting. Congratulations!'

And Nicole isn't even talking about this laundry-room foolishness. Welcome to Fight Night. 2015.01.28S30.E07

Two Girls, A Rock, And A Hard Place

Tony's shaken up by his skeletons, and so are the Real World power rankings. 2015.01.21S30.E06

Timing Is Everything

Or, in Tony and Madison's case, nothing, as the next skeleton in the rotation hits the Real World house. 2015.01.13S30.E05

Skeletons Of Fun

The inaugural housemate nemesis finally arrives at the Real World house. 2015.01.07S30.E04

'There Are Plenty Of Penis In The Sea.' - Sylvia.

There are also plenty of pee in the confessional, plenty of round of shots, and still no skeleton on Real World: Skeletons. 2014.12.31S30.E03

The Return Of Bruno

As the first skeleton's arrival draws nigh, the roommates deal with twerking and true confessions. 2014.12.24S30.E02

Bones Of Contention

Real World: Skeletons sets new records for contrivance, rapid roommate beef, ill-advised frenching. 2014.12.17S30.E01

EHG Mini: Syndicated Shows Wish List

From vintage MTV to Noth-era Law & Order to Chris in the Morning, the shows we wish would show up in regular syndication blocks. And Dave has a programming suggestion for Nick At Nite. 2013.09.30

EHG Mini: Important Reality TV Challenges

The EHG gang picks some memorable, important and fun reality TV challenges to talk about. 2013.09.19

EHG Mini: Important TV Dogs

Pomeranians have a particularly poor showing (geddit?) as the gang nominates their best and worst television hounds. With special guest and canine liaison Gordon Lightfoot Cole. 2013.09.09

Unanswered Questions About The Real World: Portland

What didn't we see? What's the rush? Does Nia know the camera's on? 2013.06.13S28.E13

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