The Real Housewives Of New York City

Ramonja Are The Booziest Bad-Asses In Housewives History

One is a wide-eyed she-beast and the other has her own toaster oven line. (Obviously.) 2014.07.09S06.E18

I Am The State Of Montana (Part II)

The Real Housewives of NYC continue their path of destruction and cultural offensiveness through my land. 2014.07.02S06.E17

I Am The State of Montana (Part I)

Listen to my tale about a bunch of wealthy a**holes who traveled halfway across the country just to insult me. 2014.06.25S06.E16

Aviva Pretends To Have Asthma To Get Out Of Going To Montana

Because Aviva hates fun and joy and laughter. And probably the other women. 2014.06.18S06.E15

The Real Housewives Use Former Beauty Pageant Winners And Facialists Against Each Other

Alex ranks the episode's key players -- including a pillow that costs about as much as your last paycheck -- from worst to first. 2014.06.11S06.E14

Aviva's Father Might Be The Most Disgusting Person Ever Allowed On Television

He should be slain. Alex isn't being hyperbolic. 2014.06.04S06.E13

Somehow, Somebody Out-Awfuls Ramona

Even in an episode featuring her own intervention! 2014.05.21S06.E11

Ramona Singer Faces Off Against The Berkshires And Her Own Dissipating Sanity

'Did I ask you to get me wet?' No, you did not, Ramona. 2014.05.14S06.E10

The Real Housewives of NYC Is Actually Fascinating Social Commentary

Or it's not. It does have a lady with her own line of toaster ovens, though! 2014.03.21


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