The Real Housewives Of New York City

RHONYC Reunion Part I: 'Don't Throw The Countess Under The Bus'

The Countess is in the building, and Heather and Carole have a problem with that. 2015.08.19S07.E20

New Beginnings And Old Appliances

Ramona throws herself a party to celebrate how selfless she is, and Sonja faces the demon specter of toaster ovens long thought dead. 2015.08.12S07.E19

'The Empress Has Clothes! Very Nice Clothes!'

Not even a runaway boob can stop Sonja from finally launching her international luxury lifestyle brand. 2015.08.05S07.E18

'Kinda Poignant And A Little Uncomfortable': The Carole Radziwill Story

Dorinda and Carole's Dead Husband Vacation serves up emotion and prime-cut awkwardness. 2015.07.29S07.E17

The Real Housewives Of New York City Remind You: If You're Going To Talk Dead Husbands, Do It In The Delta Lounge

The Housewives find support in airline bars, unfinished condos, and the suburban dining rooms of Turkish psychics. 2015.07.22S07.E16

Turds And Chaos, Part Quatre: Nude Dudes Are Cool With The Countess

When Heather freaks out over the presence of a naked gentleman caller, LuAnn rises to the occasion and gives us all a lesson in being a boss. 2015.07.15S07.E15

A Real Housewife Of New York City Becomes A Morgan Cline Markerpiece

Get out your white wine and dry cream crackers and get ready to appreciate some art. 2015.07.13

Turds And Chaos, Part Trois: The Drunkening

The RHONYC bitch trip chugs along while the bitches chug their medicine. 2015.07.08S07.E14

Turds And Chaos, Part Deux

Everyone continues to come for Sonja, but Sonja has HAD IT. OFFICIALLY. 2015.07.01S07.E13

Turds And Chaos

The New York gals' vacation to Turks and Caicos delivers everything you could want in a Housewives Bitch Trip: booze, screaming, and bugs crawling into nether regions. 2015.06.24S07.E12

EHG Mini: Embracing The Patriarchy

A Happy-Father's-Day Mini. 2015.06.19

'Royal-er Than Everybody'

Kristen's still dumb, and Ramona has a problem with that. 2015.06.17S07.E11

Is Bethenny Okay?

Probably not, but that doesn’t stop her from fighting and/or making up with half the cast in a single episode. 2015.06.10S07.E10

Berkshires Breakdown

Dorinda's Berkshires 'manor' sets the stage for two separate spats, neither of which involves Ramona. 2015.06.03S07.E09

Ms. Radziwill Goes To Washington

...Actually, she just goes to a conference room across the street, where she's hired a bunch of people to sit around and pretend to be her co-op board campaign staff. 2015.05.27S07.E08

Things To Do In Miami When You're Bethenny

Bethenny makes up with her estranged stepfather and stuffs ice cream into a clown's mouth, not in that order. 2015.05.20

The Prodigal Daughter Cannot Save Her Sloppy Sister

Bethenny tries and tries (and tries) to get Sonja to stop talking, but Sonja is a PR person and she knows at least nine sheiks and she likes to dance with John John and.... 2015.05.13S07.E06

Sonja Is A Mess, Part 9,472

Between picking fights with Ramona for the fun of it and trying desperately to convince Bethenny that her business isn't a fever dream, Sonja is too busy being Sonja to listen to reason. 2015.05.06S07.E05

Carole's A Spinner

Heather has some boring beef with Bethenny about not inviting Kristen to her party, but who cares about that when we can watch Carole awkwardly flirt in Susan Sarandon's ping pong nightclub? 2015.04.29S07.E04

Will Single Singer Outshine Bitter Bethenny?

With her divorce from Mario imminent, Ramona achieves the peace of mind Bethenny returned to the show to find. 2015.04.22S07.E03

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