The Real Housewives Of Miami

Was That The Last Real Housewives of Miami Ever? And Is Lea Worse Than Jazz?

And my God, is there someone worse than Lea? The shocking results! 2013.11.05

Is Firing Your Bridesmaid Worse Than Lea?

Maybe not if you do it with a different hairdo. What is that, a Bruce Vilanch costume? 2013.10.29S03.E12

Is Peppering Lea's Family With Nosy Questions Worse Than Lea?

Almost everyone is annoying on the most recent Real Housewives Of Miami, but can any of them dethrone the queen of self-promotion? 2013.10.22S03.E11

Is Being An Hour And A Half Late For Your Own Wedding Worse Than Lea?

The first wedding of the RHOM season goes off with every hitch. 2013.10.15S03.E10

Is Teaching Romain About Kegels Worse Than Lea?

That isn't…but Lisa might be, thanks to last night's RHOM. 2013.10.08S03.E09

Is Pretending To Be A Russian Dominatrix Ballerina Worse Than Lea?

It's so much worse, Lea recused herself from the episode entirely. 2013.10.02S03.E08

Is Asking A Prospective Bridesmaid To Resign From Another Wedding Entirely Worse Than Lea?

Totes. Joanna wrests the crappiness crown from Lea on last night's RHOM. 2013.09.24S03.E07

Is Blowing Off Your Sister's Wedding Planning Worse Than Lea?

No, but your sister might be. Who rocked and who sucked on last night's RHOM. 2013.09.17S03.E06

Are Fake Bangs Worse Than Lea?

Nope! Neither are a Jell-O backbone or Taylor Hicks's harmonica. 2013.09.10

Romain Poisoning

Way to pick 'em, Joanna: Your boy skipped therapy, won't Do It with you, probably has a side piece, and now? You're both Worse Than Lea. 2013.09.03S03.E04

Is Building Your Hesher Son A Recording Studio Worse Than Lea?

It's not great, but Alexia mostly is, so: no. 2013.08.27S03.E03

Is Getting Your Maid A Boob Job Worse Than Lea?

Who stinks the worst on RHOM this week? 2013.08.20S03.E02

Who's Worse Than Lea?

Real Housewives Of Miami is back. Can any of the other ladies wrest the suckage crown from Lea? 2013.08.13S03.E01


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