The Real Housewives Of Melbourne

No One Is Safe From Janet's Wrath When The Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunite

And we finally crown our Season 3 Power Rankings queen! Can Jackie pull off a repeat victory, or will Gina ascend to her rightful throne? 2016.09.30S03.E12

Jackie Isn't Ready To Call It Quits On The Real Housewives Of Melbourne

While everyone else tries to mend fences for the season finale, Jackie uses the final gathering of the season to further defame her mortal enemy. 2016.09.23S03.E11

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Should Have Never Returned To Melbourne

When the women take post-vacation vacations from one another, things get tedious. 2016.09.16S03.E10

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Can't Decide Which Of Their Terrible Co-Stars Is The Terriblest

One is an unapologetic gossipmonger. One will start crying if you don't compliment her dress THIS SECOND. Who would you rather spend your vacation with? 2016.09.08S03.E09

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Throw Petti A Pity Party In Dubai

The Housewives fly to the Las Vegas of the Middle East to shop, drink, and explain to their friend why she's such a terrible person. 2016.08.31S03.E08

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne's Children Are The Future

The women parade their broods -- be they literal, hypothetical, or canine -- for all to see and judge. 2016.08.26S03.E07

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Accuse Gina Of Cheating On Them With A Different Reality Show

Gamble's wedding reception plays backdrop to an Agatha Christie-esque mystery, if Agatha Christie wrote about D-list celebrities watching themselves on TV. 2016.08.19S03.E06

Taking A Gamble On Love With The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Rick and Gamble's wedding has finally arrived, but bad weather and the world's least prepared wedding planner threaten to ruin it. 2016.08.17S03.E05

Who Is The Real Housewives Of Melbourne's Biggest Bridezilla?

And, after last week's shenanigans, why is Pettifleur still attending Gamble's wedding? 2016.08.12S03.E04

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Cordially Invite You To Not Be Such A S**thead

Will Gamble and Pettifleur make peace before producers force Petti to go to Gamble's wedding? 2016.08.05S03.E03

The Real Housewives of Melbourne: Now Performing In A Mall Near You

More accusations of cheating fly when the women pay a visit to...Pottery Barn? 2016.07.29S03.E02

Come Get Pissed With The Real Housewives of Melbourne

The franchise's wacky Australian aunts are back after a long hiatus with some scores to settle and some champagne to down. 2016.07.22S03.E01

'Where Do You Make Your Money?' 'Reality TV, You F**king C***'

Melbourne puts a wacky, entertaining Season 2 to bed, and we crown a new Power Rankings Queen. 2015.05.28S02.E13

The Wilting of Pettifleur

Housewives reunions will out. Such is the case with Melbourne's resident self-obsessed sociopath. 2015.05.21S02.E12

'I Think It's Been Like A Nightmare Played Out In Real Life: Kinda Fun'

Dog races in the park, Pettifleur dancing in front of a paper moon, some monster named's a haphazard capper to another nonsensical season. 2015.05.14S02.E11

Are You A Good Bitch Or A Bad Bitch?

Pettifleur defends herself against Gina, Gamble, Omarosa, and Roald Dahl, and finally (self-)publishes Switch The Bitch. 2015.05.07S02.E10

Maloof Hoof, Eat Your Heart Out

Janet is selling tea, Jackie is selling tea with booze, and Gina is selling shoes and profiting off the names of her co-stars. 2015.04.30S02.E09

Jackie Stops Shining And Starts Getting Real (Ugly)

The group continues to fight their way through Manila, and Jackie ends her drama-free streak with the outburst of the season. 2015.04.23S02.E08

Petti Theft

Pettifleur doesn’t care that the book she's writing has basically been written by someone else, because she already high-fived her friend about it. 2015.04.16S02.E07

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