The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

My Sister's Keeper (Away From Me)

Brandi and Kyle continue to fight, metaphorically and literally, over Kim's soul. 2015.01.28S05.E11

Queens High

A night of poker and an ill-advised pain-reliever help transform Kim and Brandi into the messy dynamic duo we've all be waiting for. 2015.01.21S05.E10

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, GO AWAY

The Housewives spend an episode saying adieu to their children (and viewers, probably). 2015.01.14S05.E09

The Drunk And The Restless

Brandi's need for attention reaches a series high, and Eileen gets wet in the process. 2015.01.07S05.E08

Brandi Learns The Difference Between Literal And Metaphorical Olive Branches

Ms. Glanville's desperate attempts to get Lisa V. to love her again take a turn for the weird. 2014.12.31S05.E07

Brandi's Grasping For Airtime

A relatively enjoyable episode brings together the Housewives for a barbecue that gets chilly between Lisa V. and Brandi. 2014.12.24S05.E06

'I Don't Want To Ruin This Incredible Occasion By Inviting My Friends'

Another disjointed episode finds Lisa V. receiving a star on the 'Palm Beach Walk Of Stars,' which is like the Hollywood one, but gayer. 2014.12.17S05.E05

You've Got Some Spain-ing To Do

Kyle and Yolanda try being boring in a different country for a change. 2014.12.10S05.E04

Brandi's Phone Dies, Along With Our Interest In Her

The once-controversial Housewife is reduced to having speaker-phone arguments with Lisa Vanderpump from a picnic table. 2014.12.03S05.E03

Kim's Big Day Out

The Housewives take turns playing dress-up with Kim Richards until it's time for her nap. 2014.11.26S05.E02

The Off-White Party

The fifth season of RHOBH kicks off with old faces, new faces, and not nearly enough Kim Richards. 2014.11.19S05.E01

The Wicca, Man!

Here are your notes on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Season 4 Episode 3. Or, as we’re calling it in-house, Episode 2.5. 2013.11.19S04.E03

Dancing With The...These People

Here are your notes on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 4, Episode 2. What time TODAY are you available for a call? 2013.11.12S04.E02

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