The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Tune In, Turn Out, and Pop Up (For Charity)

Phaedra organizes a 'pop-up shop' to raise money for Flint, Michigan, which is the perfect setting for the husky-voiced return of Marlo. 2017.01.16S09.E10

When Club One Opens, Another Real Housewives Of Atlanta Relationship Closes

Plus Kandi unveils a new sex toy and her latest beef at her annual Bedroom Kandi convention! 2017.01.09S09.E09

Porsha Defends Phaedra, But Kandi Has A Stronger Case On RHOA

Porsha sticks up for her bosom buddy, but she's no lawyer. Meanwhile, Kandi might have a defamation suit for one! 2017.01.02S09.E08

Kandi And Phaedra Just Can't Make It Work On RHOA

But hey, neither can anyone else. There might not be any closure this week, but there's plenty of shade! 2016.12.19S09.E07

Kandi Reveals Her Menu And Matt Reveals His True Colors On RHOA

Kandi narrows down her menu while Mama Joyce and Matt blow the F up! 2016.12.12S09.E06

Phaedra Gets A Hand Grenade And Matt's Birthday Bombs On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

There's also a DUI, sensual massage, and the Democratic National Convention, because duh. 2016.12.05S09.E05

RHOA Fits A Trip Down Memory Lane Between Launches And Laser Tag

Cynthia and Shereè successfully co-parent and reconnect with exes while Kandi struggles to navigate the same damn 'Block.' 2016.11.28S09.E04

A Surprise Visit Shakes Things Up On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

It's a bittersweet day at the Kandi Factory. 2016.11.21S09.E03

The House Always Wins On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Unless it's Shereè's or Kenya's. 2016.11.14S09.E02

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Set The Scene In An Unfinished Home

Kenya's housewarming party makes for a lukewarm premiere episode. 2016.11.06S09.E01

The RHOA Reunion Part Three Is Too Little Too Late

Things finally start picking up in the third and final section. 2016.04.04S08.E20

The RHOA Reunion Part Two Is More Of The Same

Kandi finally has shows signs of life as everyone else winds down for the hiatus. 2016.03.28S08.E19

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Gets To The Point

Boiling down Part 1 of RHOA's three-part reunion into the most important actual things participants actually said. 2016.03.21S08.E18

Christmas Comes Early In The RHOA Season Finale

The eighth season comes to a blessed end. 2016.03.14S08.E17

Is It Too Late To Apollo-gize On RHOA?

A visit to prison, an outdoors office, and nipple-cream produce some not-so-burning questions on this week's episode. 2016.03.07S08.E16

RHOA Would Be Even Sweeter Without Kandi

It's time for the multi-hyphenate (and RHOA) to start scaling back. 2016.02.22S08.E15

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Throw a Chrissy Fit

Cynthia and Kim manage to avoid a Kenya problem and actually nail their commercial shoot. But it's Kenya's innuendo about Kim's husband that has everyone feeling grimy. 2016.02.15S08.E14

Jamaica Trip Spiced Up By Jerks

This week, Cynthia plans a trip and falls on her face; Kenya declares war on Kim Fields; and NeNe Leakes returns! 2016.02.01S08.E13

Kenya Brings The Funk To Kim's Beatless Brunch

This week, Kim throws her first event and Kenya throws yet another tantrum. 2016.01.25S08.E12

RHOA Goes To Washington; NeNe Returns

Phaedra and the women head to the capitol for the Million Man March, while NeNe sneaks back into the mix. 2016.01.18S08.E11

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