The Quest

The Grand Finale

The One True Hero is chosen, and for once, it does not involve a popularity contest! 2014.09.12S01.E09

Running Out Of Time

With another double episode, the dumbest reality show on television continues its mad dash toward the finale. 2014.09.05S01.E07

Double The Quest

It's a two-hour episode! Twice as much arguing, twice as many eliminations, twice as many unconvincing accents! 2014.08.29S01.E05

Get Your Swords Out

The Paladins get to use swords! They don't help very much, but they're fun to wave around. 2014.08.22S01.E04

Mixing Up Some Drama

A witch with a suspiciously familiar face helps create a potion to save a poisoned queen. 2014.08.15S01.E03

Horsing Around

The Paladins don't seem awkward and uncertain enough. Let's put them on horses! 2014.08.08S01.E02

The Quest For Something New

ABC tries smashing reality and fantasy (the genres, that is) into each other to see if the result is worth watching. 2014.08.01S01.E01


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