The Profit

Reflecting On A New Season Of Black Mirror

Nick Rheinwald-Jones on the latest installment of Netflix's tech-thology series, plus a Master Of None Canon, and Game Time gets us in a state! 2018.01.03

EHG 165: The Lowdown On The Lowe Files

It's a double-date episode (aw) (barf) as Sarah D. Bunting's husband, Dan Brady, joins the panel to discuss the Lowe family's foray into the supernatural. 2017.08.02

Can Marcus Lemonis Keep A Family Swimwear Business From Sinking On The Profit?

And other questions about the midseason premiere. 2017.06.06S04.E12

EHG Mini: The TV Cabinet

Staffing up an imaginary U.S. presidential administration with appropriate TV characters. 2016.12.30

Will The Profit's Marcus Lemonis Put A Smile On This Designer's Face?

Or will his efforts turn out to be a sob story? 2016.11.29S04.E11

Vote For Your 'Favorite' Blow-Up From The Profit

Oh, Standard Burger bros. Just break up with each other already. 2016.11.29

Will Marcus Lemonis's Tortilla Partnership Fall Flat On The Profit?

And other not-quite-burning questions as Lemonis learns to dance with the salsa sector. 2016.11.22S04.E10

In Which Marcus Lemonis Redefines The Term 'Hackathon' On The Profit

Bowery Kitchen Supplies needs to make some cuts. Which one's the unkindest of all? 2016.10.18S04.E09

Is The Profit Getting Tea-Boned By A Father-Son Franchising Team?

Or do the leaves tell Marcus Lemonis to walk away? 2016.10.11S04.E08

Will Marcus Lemonis Double Down On Family Furniture Businesses On The Profit?

And other not-quite-burning questions from Episode 7. 2016.10.04S04.E07

Is This The Profit Deal Going To End Up In The Crapper?

And other not-quite-burning questions about Marcus Lemonis's attempt to turn a high-end cleaning-products company around. 2016.09.27S04.E06

Should Marcus Lemonis Keep On Trucking With Honest Foods On The Profit?

Or is the bellyaching of this catering company's owner more trouble than it's worth? 2016.09.20S04.E05

Is It 'Time' For One Of These Terrified-Looking Watch-Company Dudes To Change His Shorts On The Profit?

And other not-quite-burning questions about the face of a charity-driven business? 2016.09.13S04.E04

I'm Sorry, Dave; I'm Afraid The Profit Can't Do That

Will there be no soup for Marcus Lemonis and his latest prickly investment partner? And other not-quite-burning questions. 2016.09.06S04.E03

Why Isn't Marcus Lemonis Getting Angrier At Patrick's Foot-Dragging On The Profit?

And other not-quite-burning questions of a biz-dev fashion. 2016.08.30S04.E02

Can The Profit Thaw The Management Brain Freeze At Farrell's?

The fourth season kicks off at a struggling old-tyme ice-cream parlor -- but can Marcus Lemonis make a sweet enough deal? 2016.08.23S04.E01

EHG Mini: Real Presidents

The reality hosts who SHOULD be in the Oval Office. 2016.02.17

Soooo, How's That Season-Finale Check-In Ep Treating You, Marcus Lemonis?

Looking in on the fortunes of SJC Drums, Amazing Grapes, Shuler's, and Grafton Furniture. 2016.02.16S03.E22

How Many Episodes Will The Profit Spend On Mr. Green Tea's Problems?

And other not-quite-burning questions about yet another ice-cream check-in episode. 2016.02.09S03.E21

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