The Price Is Right

Cliffhangers vs. Captain Jack Meets Captain Jack

It's daytime yodeling vs. Captain Jack kissing Captain Jack in war-time London! 2016.11.01

Bionic Sound Effects vs. Cliffhangers

It's na-na-na-na-na-na vs. daytime yodeling! 2016.10.31

Scully Calls Mulder 'Poopyhead' vs. The Equalizing Power Of The Price is Right Wheel

It's Gillian Anderson's flawless delivery of a faux endearment vs. daytime TV's leveler! 2015.12.11

Plinko vs. The Other Darryl

It's the highlight of The Price is Right vs. it's the brother introduced second, but first in our hearts! 2015.06.28

Milhouse's Bonestorm Handle vs. Plinko

It's the state-of-the-art videogame that gives players an oddly small number of characters for their names vs. the highlight of The Price is Right! 2015.06.27

Bob Barker Proves He's Still Got It

The venerable host comes out of retirement from The Price Is Right for his birthday. It's great. 2013.12.12

EHG 14: Come On Down!

Puzzle master Trip Payne joins the EHG gang for a show all about game shows (plus Taxi!) 2013.12.10

Long Live Bob Barker

He's ninety, he's back on The Price Is Right this week, and he's one of the greatest of all time. 2013.12.09

Let Slate Teach You How To Win The Price Is Right

You don't even need to know any prices! 2013.11.13

The Price Is Breaking Bad

Bitch. 2013.08.20S05.E02

A List Of Things On TV That Are Great In Small Doses, Ranked According How Likely They Would Be To Drive You Mad If Stretched To Full-Episode Length

Inspired by the all-Plinko episode of The Price Is Right, a thing that is going to happen for real. 2013.06.28


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