The Pitch

EHG Mini: Re-Reunited

Choosing scripted shows that deserve reality TV-style reunions. 2017.04.19

Brush With Greatness

The Fuller Brush Company is still a real thing and not just a '50s punchline, as we learn when two ad agencies compete for its business. Which will be the season's last victor? 2013.10.04S02.E08

Petals On The Wind

1 800 wants a new ad campaign. And you just know the guy on the tricycle scooter's going to have an assload of ideas. 2013.09.27S02.E07

Guitar Heroes

On The Pitch, two Nashville ad agencies present campaigns for Gibson. Which sounds better? 2013.09.20S02.E06


Two Chicagoland ad agencies compete for a Little Caesars campaign on The Pitch. Somehow, no one mentions Crazy Bread. 2013.09.13S02.E05

Tropic Of Crapricorn

Tommy Bahama comes to The Pitch wanting a strategy to raise awareness for their women's line. Both agencies respond in ways that make them seem like they've never vacationed anywhere warm or met a woman. 2013.09.06S02.E04

'My Generation Will Not Tolerate Boring'

Oh really, twenty-six-year-old 'virality' expert? Well, OUR generation will not tolerate your cocky BS, as seen on The Pitch. 2013.08.30S02.E03

Careless Whiskers On The Moustache Ride

Two ad agencies vie for a campaign to promote Bliss Spa's new facial hair remover on The Pitch. Which gets it less wrong? 2013.08.23S02.E02

Ad Execs Presenting Decks

On The Pitch, College Hunks Hauling Junk wants a new advertising strategy. Which agency will get the business? 2013.08.16S02.E01

Buying Into The Pitch

Will the supposed real-life Mad Men be as irresistibly infuriating in its second season as it was in its first? 2013.08.15S02.E01


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