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Apr 24, 2014

And James Franco As D.B. Cooper

Dave challenged Sarah to expand her D.B. Cooper obsession beyond Mad Men. Sarah accepted. Everyone wins.
Apr 22, 2014

'I'm Sorry You Don't Like The Newsroom As Much As You Should.' - Aaron Sorkin.

On Aaron Sorkin's 'apology' for the first two seasons of The Newsroom.
Nov 26, 2013

New Girl Finally Admits The Truth About 'Her Friend'

The NewsNight anchor is thrilled to see a woman dramatizing the reality of female hormonal horror.
Oct 10, 2013

The Newsroom's Truthful TV Title Card

Another revised title card from a more honest place, just for Aaron Sorkin.
Sep 23, 2013

EHG 6: Canna-Vale Of Tears

Emmys! Dead pool! TV Forcenings! Happy Endings! Game Time! Winners! Dog Butts! Exclamation points!
Sep 16, 2013

Using Newsroom Resources, On Election Night, To Trace The Buyer Of Her Book From A Charity Auction

And all the other things women got wrong in the season (maybe series???) finale of The Newsroom.
Sep 9, 2013

'Ruling India Was Wrong'

Well...ruling India was wrong, but thinking that saying so is an appropriate thing for a British manager to say to a British report of Indian descent is also wrong, and was among the things women were wrong about in the latest installment of The Newsroom.
Aug 26, 2013

'I'm Convinced,' And Other Things People Of Both Sexes Got Wrong On The Newsroom

The determination of everyone at ACN to be terrible at their jobs this week inspired this special co-ed Newsroom rundown.
Aug 19, 2013

It's Worth Derailing An Editorial Meeting About An Extremely Sensitive Story To Count Santa's Reindeer

And other things women were wrong about this week on The Newsroom.
Aug 12, 2013

Noticeably Drunk At Work, And Other Things Women Were Wrong About This Week On The Newsroom

Also featuring tough lessons about nude photography!