The Newsroom

Telling The Truth About Documentary Now!

Molly Lambert joins us to talk about Season 3 of IFC's spoof series! 2019.02.20

EHG Mini: By Poplar Demand

The shows that would benefit from taking place in a wooden fortress. 2017.02.14

EHG Mini: Secret Santa

Or Spiteful Santa, as the case may be (and is, this time). 2016.12.28

This Is A Sorkinisms Supercut, And You Know It, Too

Don't worry, it won't feel like getting screwed with your pants on. 2016.11.01

It's All The News That's Fit To Fake In This Fictional Newscasters Supercut!

That means you escape mockery this time, Ann Curry. 2016.08.30

Watch The Newsroom's 'Will McAvoy' Shade Donald Trump On With All Due Respect

In case you were wondering how fictional characters from long-cancelled shows felt about him. 2016.05.11

EHG Mini: Hush Now

Repeating Buffy The Vampire Slayer's "Hush" episode on other shows. 2016.03.31

EHG 84: More Like Bear The Walking Dead, Are We Right?

PTV's resident zombie expert, Omar Gallaga, joins us to assess Fear The Walking Dead, alien baseball, and BS. 2015.08.25

Aaron Sorkin's Got A Brand-New Bag, Deedly-Deedly-Dee

Le Sork is arguably one of the most heralded television producers working today, but what if he'd followed a different path? 2015.07.17

Signifying Nothing

Time to say goodbye to everyone at ACN. We shall not look upon their like again -- or, at least, we'd better not. 2014.12.14S03.E06

Aaron Sorkin Dedicates The Penultimate Episode Of The Newsroom To Some Men, #NotAllMen

Finally, Aaron Sorkin places himself where no one wanted him: at the intersection of campus rape and the internet. 2014.12.07S03.E05

'Old Media Guy And New Media Girl: An Analog Romance'

Aaron Sorkin makes two nice, talented actors play out idiotic relationship fights no professionals would ever actually have, and it's not okay. 2014.11.30S03.E04

'The New Confident Maggie' Is A Video Engineer Now

And that's just one of many aspects of the latest episode of The Newsroom that's kind of hard to believe. 2014.11.23S03.E03

Neal Gets In The Hot Seat, Discovers That It's Hot

As Neal, Reese, and Sloan all handle uncomfortable meetings, we've got a countdown of the episode's ideas, from best to worst. 2014.11.16S03.E02

Don Is Delightful

On the redeeming qualities of Aaron Sorkin's bad boy man-child. 2014.11.09S03.E01

Only A Fictional Cable News Channel Covered The Boston Marathon Bombing Properly

But who made him- or herself the biggest ACN asshole in the process? The answer may surprise you! (In the sense that there's so much competition for the title.) 2014.11.09S03.E01

And James Franco As D.B. Cooper

Dave challenged Sarah to expand her D.B. Cooper obsession beyond Mad Men. Sarah accepted. Everyone wins. 2014.04.24

'I'm Sorry You Don't Like The Newsroom As Much As You Should.' - Aaron Sorkin.

On Aaron Sorkin's 'apology' for the first two seasons of The Newsroom. 2014.04.22

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