The Muppets

Have No Fear, Fans Of The Muppets, Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem Are Still Employed

After working for a full season on 'Up Late With Miss Piggy,' they're more than used to performing live gigs. 2016.08.08

With The Muppets Cancelled, Where Should The Muppets Star Next?

Now's every other TV producer's chance to create projects for some of the most iconic performers of our time! 2016.05.13

It's Still Not Easy Being Green On The Muppets

With someone new pulling the strings, are the Muppets' heads less up their own butts? 2016.02.02S01.E11

EHG 89: It's The Most TV-ful Time Of The Year!

Jeff Drake joins us for a roundtable discussion of what most and least excites us on TV this fall. 2015.09.29

Should You Light The Lights For The Muppets?

Can the new crew make a rainbow connection, or will they leave you hoping that something better comes along? 2015.09.22S01.E01

TCA 2015/6: ABC Has Cute Couple Serial Killers, Muppets, Tyra Banks -- And Shonda Rhimes

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog have broken up, but she ain't sad, which puts her ahead of Olivia Pope. 2015.08.04

Why Do We Always Come Here? I Guess We'll Never Know.

Our resident Muppet superfans try to decide how they feel about the recently announced new series. 2015.05.22S01.E01


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