The Missing

EHG 144: Rising To The Challenge's 372nd Season

jk, it's 'only' Season 29 -- but will this round of innovations breathe new life into MTV's old warhorse? Kim Reed has thoughts! 2017.02.08

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore On The Missing

The gripping Season 2 premiere raised a few questions for Sarah D. Bunting -- and not just the ones it intended to. 2017.02.06S02.E01

Battle Of The European Small Towns Confronting Shocking Murders

Broadchurch, Fortitude, and The Missing fight to top the list of TV vacation dead-stinations. 2015.02.05S01.E03

Ollie Ollie In Come Free

The end of The Missing, and what became of its broken-hearted. 2015.01.10S01.E08

'I Want To Be Reminded'

The Missing moves to 2009, but loses momentum. 2015.01.03S01.E07

Hardened Criminals

Long-buried evidence is dug up, then buried again as Sieg and Ziane's revelations only cause more confusion. 2014.12.20S01.E06

In The Same Boat

Rini steps up; Tony confirms a horror we'd already assumed. 2014.12.13S01.E05

Putting It All On The Line

The investigations lurch forward -- and into left field -- on The Missing. 2014.12.06S01.E04

Home Is Where The Horror Is

But which echoes of the past should we listen to on the latest The Missing? 2014.11.29S01.E03

The Bigger Picture

As The Missing expands its suspect pool, Sarah D. Bunting tries to guess whodunnit. 2014.11.22S01.E02

Should You Join The Search For The Missing?

The DNA (of other solid TV/film thrillers) evidence suggests you should! 2014.11.14S01.E01


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