The Man In The High Castle

What Kind Of Long, Strange Trip Is The Man in the High Castle On?

And other not-quite-burning questions from S02.E06. 2016.12.21S02.E06

The Man In The High Castle Burns Down A House

But builds up our hopes for the rest of the season. 2016.12.20S02.E05

Ask The Man In The High Castle's Dud Turned Stud

Frank Frink is no longer the boy that was punished for having such a silly name. He's a bomb-extractin' ladies' man now. 2016.12.20S02.E04

EHG 139: Who's The King Of The Man In The High Castle?

Our esteemed colleague and historian Chris Huff weighs in on Amazon's alt-history dystopia, a classic '80s Very Special Episode, and more! 2016.12.20

The Man In The High Castle Goes Fishing for Some Decent Relationships

But will we end up just tossing them back into the lake? 2016.12.19S01.E03

The Man In The High Castle Is Back, And More Dystopian Than Ever

The Season 2 premiere, with an assist from the wonderful Stephen Root, lets its sci-fi freak flag fly. 2016.12.16S02.E01

Watch The Season 2 Trailer For The Man In The High Castle

Your favorite TV series that happens to star Dizzy from 'The New Guy' is back for a second season. 2016.10.10

The (Mad) Man In The High Castle

You'll never believe who's shilling for freedom. 2015.12.07

Should The Man In The High Castle Get A Second Season?

Sarah D. Bunting is torn on whether less is more...except regarding Juliana. 2015.12.04S01.E10

A Movie Wrapped In A TV Show Nestled Inside A Website

Plus, we wrap up Jessica Jones in more ways than one in Lunch And A Show. 2015.12.04

Our Longing For A&E's Daybreaks Programming Block Remains Undiminished

Plus midseason finales, reality premieres, and a Hartman biopic in Lunch And A Show. 2015.12.03

Dear John

When a bad guy gets bad news, The Man In The High Castle puts the realities of a Nazi occupation in focus. 2015.12.03S01.E08

Is It Rude To Praise Nazis While Eating The American Steak Your Japanese Hosts Have Prepared For You?

And other not-so-burning questions from The Man In The High Castle S01.E07. 2015.12.03S01.E07

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