The Magicians

EHG 144: Rising To The Challenge's 372nd Season

jk, it's 'only' Season 29 -- but will this round of innovations breathe new life into MTV's old warhorse? Kim Reed has thoughts! 2017.02.08

EHG Mini: Losing An Hour

Proposing a new Spring Forward tradition. 2016.03.16

The Magicians Serve Up Djinns And Tonic

Also: What can spending a month as a goose do for your self-esteem? 2016.03.01S01.E06

The Magicians Get Hazed

Just like in real college, the matriculating Brakebills magicians must survive dangerous and embarrassing tasks to be accepted by their peers. 2016.02.23S01.E06

American Horror Story: Asylum Faces The Magicians In The Battle Of The Mental Hospital Musical Interludes

Reigning champion 'The Name Game' from AHS: Asylum takes on newcomer 'Shake It Off' as performed by a psychologically damaged magician. 2016.02.09S01.E04

The Magicians Bond Over Dangerous Spells, Signature Cocktails, And Textbooks That Breed

While pretentiousness and Taylor Swift tear them apart again. 2016.02.02S01.E03

Should You Give In To The Prestige Of The Magicians?

Syfy's newest series asks: what if everyone at Hogwarts were old enough to have sex and get high? 2016.01.25S01.E01