The League

A Highly Subjective Ranking Of TV Personages Born On The Fourth Of July

TV-western haunted history, early soap stars, and the utterly American tackitude of The Situation. 2016.07.01

Lunch And A Show On The Gridiron And In The Studio

Empire, The League, and ill-advised hip-hop. 2015.10.01

'Fantasy Football IS My Religion!'

Ruxin makes a delicious kosher meal of the scenery. 2015.10.01S07.E04

Draft King Of The Castle

Ruxin's communion with whipped topping is, incredibly, not what sent Sarah D. Bunting over the edge of Mt. Caps-Lock. 2015.09.24S07.E03

Stephen Colbert Is Not The Cake Boss Of You

Cheesecake revenge, a MasterChef winner, trash pepper, and more in Lunch And A Show. 2015.09.17

Tossing Cookies

The most amazing food-related moments from The League. 2015.09.16S07.E02

Last Comic Standing Says Goodbye; The League And You're The Worst Say Hello

Comedies are taking a bow in Lunch And A Show! 2015.09.10

TCA 2015/6: FX Is All About Lady Gaga in AHS: Hotel, Making America Fall In Love With You're The Worst, And...Vampires

Denis O'Hare's dressing up as Elizabeth Taylor on an FX show this fall. Guess which! ...No, not The League. 2015.08.08

When Rafi And Randy Met Pam

Rafi and Randy's origin story is made all the more hilarious by June Diane Raphael. 2014.09.24S06.E04

Old Reliable

Ruxin's faces lift up another subpar A-plot. 2014.09.17S06.E03

Low-T-Ball League

Kevin's testosterone cream takes an unexpected journey but does little to boost a dull second ep. 2014.09.11S06.E02

Mazel, Bitches

The League returns, only to lose one of their own (and possibly the draft board). Sarah runs the numbers. 2014.09.04S06.E01

Who Wrote A Better Flowers For Algernon Homage?

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and The League gave their dumbest characters a brief glimpses of higher IQs -- but which show did a better job? 2013.10.24S09.E08

Like Wet Peanut Butter On A Shag Carpet

An animated GIF illustrates why The League's Ruxin is the gold standard for disgusted reactions. 2013.09.05S05.E01

Ken Marino Is Becoming Inescapable

Which is pretty awesome, actually. 2012.11.16

Forever Unclean

Among all the disgusting animals of The League, Rafi is for sure the grossest. 2012.11.02S04.E04


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