The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Watch The Late Show's New Lyrics For Canada's National Anthem

If you're going to move there, you need to know how likely you are to see a moose. 2016.06.09

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We have so much to learn about the Jude-iciary. 2016.06.08

Watch Matt Bomer Eat Cupcakes With Stephen Colbert On The Late Show

Just when you thought chocolate couldn't get any more appealing. 2016.05.14

Watch J.K. Simmons Deliver A Stern Father's Grudging Praise On The Late Show

You're going to feel really good, and then really resentful, because he nails it. 2016.04.27

Watch Stephen Colbert's Apology To Australia On The Late Show

Not to mention his stirring rendition of the national anthem! 2016.04.19

Watch Elizabeth Warren Speak Frankly About Donald Trump On The Late Show

That's a polite way to say she tears six strips off him. 2016.03.31

Watch Will Ferrell Introduce Stephen Colbert To Exotic Animals On The Late Show's Post-Super Bowl Special

Warning: this might be too much for you if you have a crippling fear of Mongolian Bush Tigers. 2016.02.08

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Four minutes to start your week off right. 2016.01.18

Watch Stephen Colbert's Conversation With The Documentarians Who Made Making A Murderer

If you aren't still in a slough of despond after finishing Making A Murderer, that is. 2016.01.13