The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Watch John Krasinski Work On His Puke Takes On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Hurling during a Shakespearean sonnet is still pretty romantic. 2016.08.31S01.E198

Watch Stephen Colbert's Best Beyoncé Impression On The Late Show

Colbert tries to mimic Beyoncé's VMA performance, but it looks like he might have missed a dress rehearsal or two. 2016.08.30S01.E197

Watch Tim Kaine Join The Late Show With Stephen Colbert's House Band

Once a politician reveals that they can play a musical instrument, people tend to go crazy. Just ask notable saxophonist Bill Clinton. 2016.08.26S01.E196

Anderson Cooper Talks About Hugs (And D&D) On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Hopefully with a little bit of practice, Cooper will start appreciating the fine art of hugs. 2016.08.25S01.E195

Watch Rami Malek Take His Very First Instagram Photo On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

It's sweet that his first photo was so memorable, and not just a blurry picture of his cat like everyone else's. 2016.08.24S01.E194

Watch The Late Show's Donald Trump Analysis In The Werd

What? 'P.O.S.' stands for 'part of society! 2016.08.02

Watch The Late Show's Latest Highlights, From Stephen's Identical Cousin To A 'Fight Song' Cover And Beyond

And some material relating to a world leader's appendage that we're all curious about this week. 2016.07.28

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You don't need to be drinking a Bud Light to find these amusing. 2016.07.27

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That podium is the most closely guarded place on earth! 2016.07.26

The Definitive Collection Of The Best Late Night Responses To The Last Night Of The Republican National Convention

Yes, Elizabeth Warren's in there, to remind you to thank your deity she exists. 2016.07.22

Watch The Late Show Send Off Bernie Sanders, Its Last Tribute In The Hungry For Power Games

'He stayed in the race so long after being mathematically eliminated, he also won the state of denial.' 2016.07.13