The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Watch Amy Adams In The Late Show's Eyebrow Theater

You don't get Oscar nominations without a lot of eyebrow control. 2016.11.18

Watch Chris Gethard Perform A Scene From Career Suicide, His One-Man Show, On The Late Show

This could be captioned 'Great/Terrible Moments In Problem Drinking.' 2016.11.16

Watch Stephen Colbert's Closing Monologue From The Late Show's Live Election Special

'You cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time.' Does hysterical cackling count? 2016.11.09

Watch Jon Stewart Join The Late Show's Musical Number About The Importance Of Voting

Also Hamilton's Javier Muñoz, who urges you not to give away your shot. 2016.11.08

Watch Stephen Colbert Plead For A 'Veep V. Creep' Fight To Happen On The Late Show

If Joe Biden and Donald Trump actually got into a fistfight, would there truly be any winners? 2016.10.27

Watch Abraham Lincoln's Ghost Share A Few Words About Trump On The Late Show

Newsflash: Abraham Lincoln's ghost is absolutely adorable! 2016.10.25

Watch Stephen Colbert Attempt To Flee To Canada On The Late Show

Meeting with an immigration lawyer, Colbert realizes that Canada is more than maple leaves and Barenaked Ladies. 2016.10.21

Watch Stephen Colbert Discuss The Election With A Dead Voter On The Late Show

Per Trump, the popular dead-vote this year is Clinton. 2016.10.20

Watch Stephen Colbert Interview A Pretty Convincing Melania Trump About Locker Room Talk On The Late Show

Laura Benanti does a SNL-worthy impersonation while talking about the truth and lies regarding those Access Hollywood tapes. 2016.10.19