The Knick

Lunch And A Show Is Just Asking For Trouble

Death by a thousand cuts (walker cuts, hair cuts). 2015.10.26

Thack Returns To The Knick To Start A Research Project On...Addiction?

That is, other than the informal 'research project' on addiction he's been independently conducting for the past few years. As we rank the episode's decisionmakers from best to worst, where will he end up? 2015.10.23S02.E02

A Petition Urges NBC To Revoke Its Invitation For Donald Trump To Host Saturday Night Live

We're looking at recent instances of TV wearing its Bad Idea Jeans in Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.19

So The Knick Is Saying Heroin's Not A Good Cure For Cocaine Addiction?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the Season 2 premiere of The Knick. 2015.10.16S02.E01

Lunch And A Show Places (Things In) An Order

Child actors, SNL-ers, and musical guests. 2015.08.06

EHG 48: The Extra Hot Great TV Cop Special

Listen in on the TV Cop roll call! 2014.10.27

Bitter Pills

The first season of The Knick features lots of doctoring, but very few actual cures. 2014.10.17S01.E10

Can We Get A Face Off Challenge Showing How A Makeup Artist Could Make Clive Owen Look So Terrible?

And other not-quite-burning questions to carry us into the season finale. 2014.10.10S01.E09

All Babies Are The Same, According To One Doctor

Gallinger's lost a baby. Time for a little problem-solving, man-style! 2014.10.03S01.E08

It's A Worse Day Than Usual To Be A Turn-Of-The-Century Hospital Nurse

Nurse Elkins has a bad day, but she gets through it! Let's give her a hand. 2014.09.26S01.E07

Typhoid Mary's Got Nothing On Cornelia Robertson

Cornelia's a talented heiress with a strong social conscience and a future as a lucha libre. Not bad! 2014.09.19S01.E06

Is An Unwanted Pregnancy Worse Than A Kidney Cyst?

We're counting down the physical ailments of the latest The Knick from least to most terrible! (And in answer to the question posed by the headline: yes.) 2014.09.12S01.E05

From Foes To Frenemies: The Cleary And Sister Harriet Story

The carnage of botched abortion makes for strange...well, not bedfellows. But...something. 2014.09.05S01.E04

Battle Of The Operatically Ruined Faces

One's a lady ravaged by disease, the other a WWI sharpshooter. Who's in direr straits? 2014.08.22S01.E03

Battle Of The Hospital-Integrating Doctors

One's a white doctor at a black institution. The other is a black doctor at a white institution. Which is doing it better? 2014.08.16S01.E02

The Knick's Truthful TV Title Card

Another title card from a more honest era. 2014.08.14

EHG 40: Getting Knicked

For our discussion of Cinemax's new Steven Soderbergh/Clive Owen drama, we invited Alan Sepinwall to join us, because who better than a man who's seen seven episodes? 2014.08.12

Battle Of The Bearded Mentors

Two loose cannons of the '80s have grown into elder statesmen in period cable drama of the '10s. When compared side by side, which comes out ahead? 2014.08.08S01.E01

Is The Knick Bloody Great Or Just Bloody?

Clive Owen stars in an historical medical drama produced by Steven Soderbergh. Maybe worth checking out? 2014.08.08S01.E01


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