The Killing

How The Final Season Of The Killing Killed One Of Its Most Devoted Fans

Why Stephanie Green can't with the unmitigated disaster that is the finale of The Killing's last season. 2014.09.05S04.E06

Killing Us, Hardly

The Killing says farewell with a six-episode Netflix run that wraps up its story but magnifies a lot of its flaws. 2014.09.02S04.E06

EHG 12: The Comfort of Procedurals

We dust off The Blankenship Chair for a discussion of cop shows, jazz and crackpottery! Chung-chung! 2013.11.19

The Killing's Truthful Title Card

Truthful TV title cards are back and here's our first weekly installment. 2013.08.22

'Good For AMC' Is Still Pretty Great

The Killing earned its third season. 2013.08.05S03.E12

Let The Psycho Grab Your Face!

The Killing's madman is way too handsy. 2013.06.03S03.E01

How The Killing Will Totally Fix All Its Problems

No, really! Linden's smart this time! 2013.05.31


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