The Hour

EHG Mini: Weird Question Lightning Round III

Boy bands, Downton remakes, reality Thunderdomes, and more! Sooooo much more. 2015.10.02

EHG 3: Beeb-er Fever

Allo, Allo! Wot's All This Then?! 2013.09.03

McNutty Is Going To Cuckold Pacey

Josh Jackson is playing a Long Island cowboy. You in? 2013.08.27

Confirmed: Lix And Brown Have *A Past*

Not only that: it's juicy! 2012.12.13S02.E03

McAvoy: I Can't Endorse The Hour

The NewsNight anchor favors us with his thoughts on last night's TV. 2012.08.27S01.E10