The Honourable Woman

'You Do It, Atika. There's More Than One Honourable Woman Here.'

The Honourable Woman ends its story; Tara Ariano and Mark Blankenship discuss. 2014.09.18S01.E08

The Honourable Woman Is A Prestige Cable Drama, So Of Course Its Male Lead Is Cheating On His Wife

But things go a little differently here than on all those other shows. 2014.09.11S01.E07

Yes, 'She Agreed.' But Who Is She?!?!

Some lady on The Honourable Woman agreed to something, but WHICH lady and WHAT thing??!? 2014.09.04S01.E06

Why Is Weird Caleb So Awesome?

And other almost-burning questions from this week's episode of The Honourable Woman. 2014.08.28S01.E05

Hostage Negotiation

A flashback episode shows us exactly what happened in Gaza eight years ago, and how Nessa and Atika's lives became permanently entwined. 2014.08.21S01.E04

Battle Of The Tobiases Menzies

This week's TV gave the viewer three flavours of Tobias Menzies to compare and contrast. Which one is the true prince among Menzies? 2014.08.14S01.E03

The Honourable Woman Adds Awesome MI6 Lady Boss, We Fall In Love

'Isn't Episode 2 kind of early to "love" any character on a show?' She's played by Janet McTeer. 'Oh, got it. Carry on.' 2014.08.07S01.E02

Should You Honour The Honourable Woman With Your Viewership?

You're never going to believe it but someone thought tensions between Israel and Palestine might make for interesting TV, who knows why. 2014.07.31S01.E01


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