The Hero

The Blotter Presents 001: Cold Case Files And OJ Simpson Films

Stephanie Green joins us for the inaugural episode! 2017.03.09

EHG Mini: The TV Cabinet

Staffing up an imaginary U.S. presidential administration with appropriate TV characters. 2016.12.30

EHG Mini: The Heist

Assembling a dream team of TV characters to get our Ocean's 11 on. 2016.11.23

The Simper-o

Patty O'Neil's victory is The Hero in a nutshell: well-intentioned, but extremely annoying. 2013.08.02S01.E08

The Failure Of The Hero

Don't vote in The Rock's hot bicep-ularity-contest mess of self-righteousness and stupid gameplay. Shun it like a naughty dog. 2013.07.26S01.E07

We Come To Bury Lydia, Not To Praise Her

Okay already with the snake metaphor, good grief. 2013.07.12S01.E05

The Hero's Manic Marty Can't Stop Moving, Won't Stop Moving!

Is it shark week already? If Marty stops moving will he die? 2013.06.28S01.E04

Shaun Of The Dead?

Maybe Marty didn't send Shaun home from The Hero…but he probably did, and it's definitely annoying. 2013.06.28S01.E04

Why The Hero Is Between The Rock And A Hard Place

It pains us to do it, but here's what's wrong with The Hero. 2013.06.21S01.E03

Analyzing How Much Rock Time We Get in The Hero

We took a stopwatch to clock The Rock’s on-screen contributions and were pleasantly surprised with the results. 2013.06.07S01.E01

The Hero Is MUCH Better Than It Needs To Be

With The Rock involved, we would have forgiven a lot. But it's really good! 2013.06.07S01.E01


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