The Haunting Of…

'Thinking Would Be Bad; I'd Rather Work'

The Haunting Of... and the case of Illeana Douglas and the suicidal chorines. 2015.04.05S05.E06

Sean, It's Your Gaboom

Felicity's Greg Grunberg endures The Haunting Of... to make a PSA about neurological ailments. 2015.02.28S05.E01

Hey, It's That Ghost!

Kim Russo gets pug-nacious with character actor Brett Cullen on a classic The Haunting Of... 2014.07.13S04.E03

Behind The Haunting

How much of Kim Russo's read on Vince Neil came from the same Behind The Music ep we all saw? 2014.06.29S03.E02

EHG 35: Such Super Ladies

Talking Fargo and Orphan Black with Jeff Alexander! 2014.06.23

Wilhelmina Slater Gives Up The Ghost

Sarah runs the Vanessa Williams episode of The Haunting Of… through the PTV Show-o-Matic. 2014.06.21S03.E01

Is This Because She's A Lesbian?

Elisabeth Röhm's "real"-life ghost story conjures up a fantastic drinking game. 2013.06.07S02.E02


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