The Great British Bake Off

Will Chocolate Melt Our Semi-Finalists On The Great British Bake Off?

A tricky soufflé gets them cowering by their ovens. Who'll keep their cool and come out ahead? 2016.08.05S06.E09

French Week Gets Très Stressful On The Great British Bake Off

If your cream horn drips and your pastry tower falls, then you might be sent to the guillotine. 2016.07.30S06.E08

The Great British Bake Off Serves Up (Ahem) Victorian-Era Meals

Tennis cakes! Game pies! Why, you'll feel like Charles Dickens at a dining hall! 2016.07.29S06.E07

EHG Mini: Holodreck

The holodeck is now programmed with current TV. Which characters go where? 2016.07.29

The Great British Bake Off's Pastry Week Stresses Out The Contestants

Who's in the upper crust, and who flakes out? 2016.07.23S06.E06

Mary's Delighted By Alternative Ingredients And At Least One Unexpected Creation On The Great British Bake Off

And if you've got a hankering for coconut ice cream and soft cheeses, then you'll giggle, too! 2016.07.22S06.E05

Your Eyes Will Pop At These Cheesecakes On The Great British Bake Off

And your brain might spin when you trace the lineage of the Spanish wind torte! 2016.07.16S06.E04

The Great British Bake Off Believes In Flour Power

This and other terrible puns await you in a delightful episode about bread. 2016.07.15S06.E03

Weird French Cookies Delight Mary And Paul On The Great British Bake Off

The bakers, though, are less excited. 2016.07.08S06.E02

PBS Gets A New Season Of The Great British Bake Off, And Loving This Premiere Is A Piece Of Cake

Get back in the tent and savor the scrumminess of Season 6! 2016.07.01S06.E01

The Great British Bake Off May, In Fact, Create World Peace

Grab a scone and start watching reality TV's gift to us all 2016.01.15

Predicting The Scandals PBS Has Yet To Investigate

This whole Ben Affleck Finding Your Roots business is just the beginning. We have a pretty good idea of the other skeletons the network may yet find in its closet. 2015.06.25

Flour Power

Who gets panned and who's a cut above in The Great British Baking Show's finale? 2015.03.01S05.E10

Sponge: Worthy?

The Great British Baking Show semifinal stands pat(-isserie). 2015.02.22S05.E09

Your Oscars 2015 Counterprogramming Guide

What to watch if you don't want to watch the Academy Awards. 2015.02.20

Good One, Chetna!

A Futurama reference in a Great British Baking Show headline? Seems only fitting when Advanced Dough week felt more like 'advanced d'oh!' for the semifinalists. 2015.02.15S05.E08

If The Choux Fits

How did the Bakers' half-dozen fare after last week's stay of execution? 2015.02.08S05.E07

Heyyyyy: Nice Bundt

European Cake Week is hardly a cakewalk for the six remaining Great British Bakers. 2015.02.01S05.E06

Pies And Lows

The Great British Baking Show gets tarted up. 2015.01.25S05.E05

Hee Hee Hee: 'Spotted Dick'

Pudding Week features riots, runny centers, and the notorious Bingate. 2015.01.18S05.E04

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