The Golden Girls

EHG 149: Getting Punchy With Iron Fist

Chris Huff joins us to talk Marvel's dud, Love, and more! 2017.03.22

'Piece By Piece' vs. The Golden Girls in the UK

It's Kelly Clarkson making everyone cry vs. that time (almost nobody knows about) when The Golden Girls Went to London! 2017.01.07

The Golden Girls Send In The Clowns

Fashions By Zbornak finds Dorothy dating a clown while Rose and Blanche get political. 2016.10.11S05.E05

Irregularities In The Pension Fund vs. 'Picture It: Sicily, 1904'

It's doing what Don Draper only dreamed of vs. Sophia Petrillo's trusty tall-tale intro! 2016.09.12

The Golden Girls Raises A Glass To The Stand-Up Collar

Blanche's rebellious grandson comes to visit, and he has more in common with the fab four than you might think in this Fashions By Zbornak for S01.06. 2016.08.11S01.E06

Golden Girls Cheesecake vs. 'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose'

It's problems solving problems via calories vs. Coach Taylor's mantra! 2016.06.23

Golden Girls Cheesecake vs. 'I Just Had Sex'

It's problems solving problems via calories vs. The Lonely Island's ode to unsatisfactory love-making! 2016.06.22

Golden Girls Cheesecake vs. Bob Coming Over The Couch

It's problems solving problems via calories vs. the place nightmares came from! 2016.06.21

A Golden Girls Theme Restaurant Is Coming To New York City

Thank you for being a friend, Rue McClanahan's friend! 2016.06.20

Golden Girls Cheesecake vs. Dreyfuss the Dog

It's problems solving problems via calories vs. the best part of a bad sitcom! 2016.06.20

Golden Girls Cheesecake vs. Right Decisions, Right Now

It's problems solving problems via calories vs. the omnipresent anti-drug campaign in our 90s teen shows! 2016.06.19

Golden Girls Cheesecake vs. Sammy Davis Jr. Kisses Archie Bunker

It's problems solving problems via calories vs. the kiss that rocked a nation! 2016.06.18

The Kwanzaa Cake vs. Golden Girls Cheesecake

It's Sandra Lee's grossest concoction vs. problems solving problems via calories! 2016.06.17

Quentin Tarantino Played An Elvis Impersonator On The Golden Girls

'But how'll I be able to tell which one is him? Those dudes all look the same!' Not Rockabilly McKenas Cole. Trust us. 2016.06.14S04.E06

Thank You For Being A Friend Of Dorothy...Dorothy

The Golden Girls took on gay marriage 25 years ago, and it was astonishingly sweet, funny, and modern. 2016.06.02S06.E14

EHG Mini: Golden Girls: TNG

The four female characters we'd like to see in Golden Girls-s situations. 2016.04.04

Watch A Gospel Remix Of The Golden Girls Theme Song

Finally Aaron threw a party, and invited a lot of people he doesn't even know! 2016.02.12

Bea Arthur, Others 'Celebrate' NBC's 60th Anniversary With Forced Melodic Cheer

Based on the set design, they're all in heaven. Based on the facial expressions, they're all in hell. 2016.01.25

EHG Mini: Gender Swap Meet

When The Golden Girls became The Bolden Boys. 2015.10.22

'Condoms Rose! Condoms, Condoms, Condoms!' vs. Susan Boyle's Audition

It's Dorothy Zbornak and safe sex vs. the biggest vocal surprise in TV history! 2015.08.25

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