The Fosters: S03

The Fosters Scores High On The EQ Test

Y'all knew Monte wasn't right. Al Lowe ranks the episode's key moments by emotional intelligence! 2016.03.01S03.E15

Will Callie And Rita Patch It Up On The Fosters?

And more not-quite-burning questions about 'Minor Offenses.' 2016.02.23S03.E14

The Fosters Dives Deep Into A Beautiful Marriage

Stef and Lena figure out how to face yet another life-changing challenge together. 2016.02.16S03.E13

WTActualF Is With This Jack Kid On The Fosters?

And other questions, new and old, sparked by this week's episode. 2016.02.09S03.E13

Did The Fosters's Brandon Do A Cleanse, Or What?

And other questions on a slow burn after the latest episode. 2016.02.02S03.E12

The Fosters Returns With Drama Of Every Variety

A little too much, as usual. 2016.01.25S03.E11

The Fosters Gets Its Day In Court

Callie makes her choice, but Al Lowe still has questions between her tears. 2015.08.18S03.E10

Lovely Rita, Where Would We Be Without You?

Al Lowe ranks the most shocking moments of this week's The Fosters. 2015.08.04S03.E08

The Fosters Serves Up Teens! Tears! And Tirades!

Two 'yay's can't overcome three 'ugh's on an up-and-down ep of The Fosters. 2015.07.21S03.E07

The Best Policy, Tho?

Honestly: is it? 2015.06.30S03.E04

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Al Lowe falls down the churronut-hole and emerges with more questions about The Fosters. 2015.06.23S03.E03

'Happy' 'Father's' Day

The Fosters takes a shot at a Father's Day tribute. It was a nice idea, but Al Lowe still has questions. 2015.06.16S03.E02

After The Car Accident, A Train Wreck

The Fosters is back, but that's not good news all around. 2015.06.09S03.E01


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