The Fosters: S02

Rule Number One Of Seducing A Lesbian: Don't Be A Dick!

You'd think it would be obvious, but not during Dick Week. 2015.03.24S02.E21

Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things

By which Al Lowe means stupid things. 2015.03.10S02.E19

Lord Help The Mister That Comes Between Me And My Sister

And Lord help Al Lowe, because she has a sinus headache from the endless crying. 2015.03.03S02.E18

The Greatest Evil This Town Has Ever Faced…

Is anyone safe? Won't somebody think of the children?! …Oh. We're talking about standardized testing? 2015.02.24S02.E17

If Callie Moves In With Robert, Will Sophia Also Be There?

And other questions heating up in Al Lowe's brain after this week's episode of The Fosters. 2015.02.17S02.E16

Bad Idea Jeans

Oh, how they chafe. 2015.02.10S02.E15

Into The Woods

Hard Mom and Easy Mom take the kids camping, and it gets ridic because teens. 2015.02.03S02.E14

Putting Alllllll The Systems On Trial

Callie and the gang fight the power(s) with mixed results. 2015.01.27S02.E13

Wha? WHAT? Whut. WHOA.

And other reactions to the 'winter premiere' of The Fosters. 2015.01.19S02.E12

Christmas With The Crank

A flashback holiday episode finds Jesus running afoul of a crabby neighbour who's crazy about Christmas...and also like a fox. 2014.12.09S02.E11

To Everything Churn, Churn, Churn

Callie's trust is rewarded again. With a punch to the gut. 2014.08.18S02.E10

The Top 'Oh NO' Moments Of Last Night's The Fosters

It's not even the mid-season quasi-pseudo-un-finale, but there were still several gasp-worthy moments. Al Lowe counts 'em down. 2014.08.12S02.E09

Callie's Rescuer Complex Gets Really Real. For Real.

Things literally heat up when Callie returns to her group home and tries to solve everyone else's problems. 2014.08.05S02.E08

Will Sophia Get A Grip?

Brandon tells all, while Mariana and Jesuszzzzz…ugh. Those two need something to do. Still, Al Lowe has questions. 2014.07.29S02.E07

A Mother Of An Episode

A handy guide to crying about this week's episode of The Fosters. 2014.07.22S02.E06

Jude Uses Silence To Try To Control His Life; Rest Of Fosters Fail To Follow His Good Example

Jude's not talking. Mariana's getting played. Callie's wigging out. Jesus is being stupid. Brandon Brandon. Al has questions. 2014.07.15S02.E05

The Fosters Is In Desperate Need Of A Bad-Ass

Someone. Anyone. Please. For Bad-Ass Week, Al Lowe ranks the cast in descending order of Most Likely to Flip the Bad-Ass Switch. 2014.07.08S02.E04

Will Brandon Rush Into The Arms Of His Angry Lead Singer?

When the moms are away, the Fosters will play, and Callie has to try to keep order during an unauthorized, unsupervised house party she's not even throwing! 2014.07.01S02.E03

Creeping On Your Estranged Kid Was A Lot Easier Before Google

Fortunately for Robert Quinn, Callie had (apparently) forgotten that it exists until this episode was 75% over. 2014.06.23S02.E02

Mariana's Moms CAN'T Forbid Her From Ruining Her Hair?

And other not-quite-burning questions about the Season 2 premiere of The Fosters. 2014.06.17S02.E01

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