The Fosters: S01

The Fosters Closes The Season By Making Its New Family Members Official

Though, in retrospect, calling the episode 'Adoption Day' might have jinxed it. 2014.03.24S01.E21

There's A Reason They're Called Unmentionables

Mariana learns the hard way why you should keep your drawers to yourself. 2014.02.25S01.E17

The Fosters Lets Jude And Callie Come Apart, And Get Back Together

How do you rebuild trust? With a birthday scavenger hunt. 2014.02.18S01.E16

How Will Callie Self-Sabotage Next?

And other not-quite-burning questions sparked by the latest episode of The Fosters. 2014.02.11S01.E15

The Fosters Get Something To Celebrate, For A Change

In the middle of a mostly sad, tense episode, Stef and Lena get a milestone to squeal about. Thank God! 2014.02.04S01.E14

The Expendable Fosters

It's time for Stef and Lena to send Jesus and Mariana to boarding school. In another time zone. 2014.01.28S01.E13

Does Callie Have An Endgame?

And other not-quite-burning questions about the midseason premiere of The Fosters. 2014.01.13S01.E11

Let's Stay Together

On the eve of their wedding, Stef and Lena tell the foster kids they want to adopt them, and everything is great, until it isn't. 2013.08.06S01.E10

How I Met Your Mother

A moment of crisis for the Fosters lets us flash back to how Stef and Lena got together. 2013.07.30S01.E09

Group Therapy Creeping + Social Media = DANGER

On The Fosters, Callie learns a tough lesson about leaving the past behind and also privacy settings. 2013.07.09S01.E06

Playtime's Over

Shows for kids -- like The Fosters, Switched At Birth, and even Sesame Street -- are covering very grown-up topics 2013.06.25S01.E04

Get Adopted By The Fosters

You can't drink coffee, but otherwise it's pretty good. 2013.06.07S01.E01


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