The Dr. Phil Show

The Quest To Care About Knightfall

First-time guest Jim Durr on History's new Knights Templar drama, plus Futurama for the Canon and a theme-song victory! 2017.12.06

EHG 136: Stuffing Thanksgiving TV Episodes Into The Canon

We're pondering possible turkeys for a special episode: all-Turkey Day Canon submissions! 2016.11.22

EHG 131: Is Luke Cage Bulletproof?

Its titular hero is -- but is the show named after him a hit? Nick Rheinwald-Jones is back to discuss Marvel's latest Netflix joint, plus Australian web series, Amanda Knox, and more! 2016.10.04

Watch A Clip From Dr. Phil's Interview With Burke Ramsey

Why has JonBenét's brother chosen to talk now? 2016.09.09

The Goldmans And Browns Vs. The People V. OJ Simpson

Not everyone's a fan of American Crime Story. Is it worth hearing out the other side if it means watching The Dr. Phil Show? 2016.02.01

Dr. Phil Concludes His Visit To The Making A Murderer Well

That scraping sound is McGraw's bucket hitting sand, dirt. 2016.01.18

Dr. Phil Makes Hay From Making A Murderer

Is the first part of his two-part look at the case worth watching? 2016.01.15

Lunch And A Show Of Force

Girl power works for (almost) everyone around the dial from Supergirl to Jessica Jones, and Cindy Walsh just can't believe it! 2015.12.01

Watch A Sneak Preview Of Nicholas Brendon Bolting Dr. Phil

Entertainment Tonight talked to Dr. Phil McGraw about tomorrow's show and why Xander split. 2015.09.15


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