The Divide

Mind The Gap

The Divide's finale is exciting, but it may have driven the train off a bridge. Sarah reviews the first season. 2014.08.28S01.E08

The Divide Flunks The Sobriety Test

In a good way, mostly -- but Drunkenness Cop Sarah D. Bunting is still writing up the show for acting like tequila has no taste. 2014.08.21S01.E07

Brief Encounters

Innocence Initiative founder Clark Rylance seeks a discreet affair. Or just a lady who's not a complete self-destructive head case. 2014.08.14S01.E06

President Of The Billy Club

Casual updates to his IMDb page notwithstanding, the future Rapunzel's prince of Into The Woods is all over the small screen lately. 2014.08.07S01.E05

Battle Of The Mixed-Blessing Releases From Prison

Terry Kucik's homecoming on The Divide isn't the happiest one. How does it stack up against Daniel Holden's on Rectify? 2014.07.30S01.E04

Ace Of Bass

Reg E. Cathey gets Sarah's Good Voice-keeping Seal Of Approval. 2014.07.24S01.E03

Ann Dowd: Lovable Queen of Human Monsters

On The Divide, this Dealmaker proves her brilliance yet again. 2014.07.16S01.E01

Should You Try To Bridge The Divide?

WEtv rolls in heavy with a death-row procedural from Scandal's Tony Goldwyn -- and overrules most of Sarah's objections. 2014.07.16S01.E01


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