The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Watch President Obama's Full Interview With Trevor Noah Of The Daily Show

Marvel at his grace when discussing the guy who's coming after him, for starters. 2016.12.13

Watch Tomi Lahren And Trevor Noah Debate Race-Baiting And Supporting Donald Trump On The Daily Show

If you've never heard of her: congratulations. But watch it anyway. 2016.12.01

Watch Trevor Noah's Take On Last Night's Debate On The Daily Show

Noah thinks that Trump really doesn't know why he's losing the election. So, he explains it to him. 2016.10.20

Watch Ana Navarro Take Down Donald Trump (Again) On The Daily Show

a.k.a. 'the woman who said "pussy" on TV.' 2016.10.14

Watch Trevor Noah's Take On The Debate On The Daily Show

Noah went live after the debate, and actually managed to pull off a not-so-terrible Bill Clinton impersonation during the late hour. 2016.09.27

Watch Bill Clinton Chat Up Trevor Noah On The Daily Show

Clinton's all like, 'Psh. Pneumonia Schneumonia. Everyone gets it. Get over it, America!' 2016.09.16

The Definitive Collection Of The Best Late Night Responses To The Last Night Of The Republican National Convention

Yes, Elizabeth Warren's in there, to remind you to thank your deity she exists. 2016.07.22

EHG 90: The Good Wife: Still Good?

Adam Grosswirth returns to chat about the Season 7 premiere of CBS's legal/wig drama. 2015.10.05

We've Got Bats In Our TV Belfry In Lunch And A Show

Batman-franchise kill counts, rumored reality romance, and more! 2015.09.29

How Did Trevor Noah Do In His First Night Hosting The Daily Show? Two Biased People Discuss!

Another lion of late night passes the torch to a cub...of...mixed metaphors. Die-hard Daily Show viewers Tara Ariano and Nick Rheinwald-Jones give an early review. 2015.09.29

Predicting Trevor Noah's Future Scandals

How will he screw himself in the days and weeks to come before Comedy Central inevitably fires him from The Daily Show? Let's speculate! 2015.09.15


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