The Crown

Life After Roseanne On The Conners

Actor Sarah Baker joins us to discuss the Roseanne-less Roseanne-reboot reboot, plus Ru for the Canon and much more! 2018.10.24

Does Making It Work?

The panel gets granular about NBC's new crafting competition show with Pop Culture Happy Hour's Linda Holmes. 2018.08.01

An Inter-Series Affair To Remember

Pairing characters in relationships we don't care for with superior partners from other shows. 2018.01.08

The East Wing

The Crown: American First Lady edition! 2018.01.05

Season 2 Of The Crown Takes A Bow

And we finally get a real, emotional conversation between Philip and Elizabeth. 2017.12.22S02.E10

Prepare Yourselves, Because The Crown S02.E09 Is Going To Make You Want to Hug Prince Charles

And punch Prince Philip, the Puke of Edinburgh knew that. 2017.12.21S02.E09

The Kennedys Come To Town In The Crown S02.E08

And Elizabeth is just the tiniest bit jealous. 2017.12.18S02.E08

It's Holy Matri-moan-y In The Crown S02.E07

And only some of it is sexual; the rest is MAN PAIN. Of course. 2017.12.18S02.E07

The Crown S02.E06 Is The Episode About Nazis

You knew it was coming. 2017.12.13S02.E06

Curtsying To The Crown

Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan join us for a discussion of the classy (Season 2 of Netflix's royal drama) and crude (Syfy's Happy!). 2017.12.13

Extra, Extra! Man Forces Queen To Rethink Herself In The Crown S02.E05!

A challenge from a newspaper columnist makes everyone think about refreshing the monarchy, and Elizabeth refreshes her hairstyle. 2017.12.12S02.E05

Drop Everything! Matthew Goode Has Arrived In The Crown S02.E04

And apparently smoking is sexy again. 2017.12.12S02.E04

The League Of Extraordinary Facial Hair Visits S02.E03 Of The Crown

The mustaches of Buckingham Palace finally become a plot point, Terrible Mike gets his terrible due, Philip gets his title, and Elizabeth mostly gets the short end of the sceptre. 2017.12.11S02.E03

Infidelitus Interruptus Is Inflicted Upon The Crown S02.E02

In which Prince Philip goes on emotional walkabout, and also makes terrible facial-hair choices. 2017.12.11S02.E02

It's More Like 'Rule Snitannia' In The Season 2 Premiere Of The Crown

We rejoin the Windsors with everyone in a rotten mood -- and, strangely, Philip's billowing exercise pants are not the cause. 2017.12.08S02.E01

EHG Mini: Drag Queen Adoptions

Actors who need adopting into Drag Race families. 2017.01.13

EHG Mini: Wig Cop Back On The Beat

Considering some of 2016's most memorable faux hair. 2017.01.03

The Queen Puts Duty Before Family As The The Crown's First Season Closes

Elizabeth has to make some tough calls in the tense season finale. 2016.11.11S01.E10

Elizabeth's Rocky Marriage Gets Even More Tense In The Penultimate Episode Of The Crown

In 'Assassins,' the return of Elizabeth's old friend puts even more strain on her troubled marriage. 2016.11.10S01.E09

Ask The Crown's Royal Spare About 'Pride & Joy'

Let's take a peek at Princess Margaret's unpublished, ahead-of-her-time correspondence. 2016.11.10S01.E08

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