The Comedy Central Roast

Preview Ann Coulter Pretending To Be A Good Sport While Jewel Shanks Her At The Comedy Central Roast Of Rob Lowe

Nice of Comedy Central to promote diversity by inviting a lizard onto the dais. 2016.08.29

Watch David Spade Get Smitten Over Rob Lowe In This Roast Of Rob Lowe Promo

It must be noted that Rob Lowe's bedroom is probably the best thing you'll see all week. 2016.08.11

Rob Lowe Will Be The Next Honoree Of The Comedy Central Roast

You know he's moisturizing feverishly already. 2016.06.09

Justin Bieber Will Be The Next Roastee Of The Comedy Central Roast

But what on earth is there even to mock about him?! 2015.01.20

How Long Did We Leave Comedy Central's Roast Of James Franco In The Oven?

Pro tip: You want this commentator to watch the whole thing, you don't put Kroll up first. 2013.09.03

Comedy Central To Roast James Franco

He'll find a way to half-ass that too, no doubt. 2013.07.10


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