The Comeback


Dancing With The Fictional Stars attempts to improve the original. 2017.04.10

Everyone On Buffy Dies vs. Valerie Cherish's Rendition Of 'I Will Survive'

It's an alternate-universe bloodbath vs. A masterclass in how to invest a song with emotion! 2016.10.01

What If The Emmys Quit Being Cute With This Whole 'Leading' And 'Supporting' Business?

Among other things! In Mark Blankenship's fantasy, previous winners get the boot, genres expand, and the size of your role doesn't matter. 2015.07.08

EHG 69: In For A Penny

Matt Debenham makes his début to talk about Showtime's monster mash, Penny Dreadful! 2015.05.14

'Word Is You're Going To Win'

If Valerie's comeback actually works, can we still recognize her? 2014.12.28S02.E08

Woman-On-Woman Violence

Valerie's need to save her marriage rams into Jane's need for good footage. 2014.12.21S02.E07

Not Even HBO Is Worth A Car Full Of Snakes

Valerie finally fights back, and it's sensational. 2014.12.14S02.E06

Valerie And Paulie G.: Frenemies By Contractual Obligation

The latest spat between Seeing Red's star and creator shows the complexity of their feelings for each other. 2014.12.07S02.E05

We Are All Jane Scowling At A Bad Improv Class

In an episode of The Comeback loaded with even more awkward moments than usual, Jane's discomfort lights up the dark. 2014.11.30S02.E04

Rogen: Hero

Seeing Red's fake Paulie G. is a lot nicer to Valerie (and in general) than the real one, but then, he is Canadian. 2014.11.23S02.E03

The Comeback Brings Us The Producer And Star Reunion We've Waited Ten Years For

Hooray for us, Jane's back! Too bad for Jane, Jane's back. 2014.11.16S02.E02

Rule Of The Cohen

A Comeback cameo reminds Tara how easy it is to love Andy Cohen. 2014.11.09S02.E01

EHG 33: Summer TV Weather Report

Joe Reid returns to talk about the shows we'll be enjoying in some A/C this summer. 2014.06.10


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