The Challenge: S28

Who's Clapping For That On The Challenge Reunion?

What to watch and what to skip as Johnny Bananas tries to justify his non-love. 2016.08.04S28.E15

Does The Challenge Final End Up In Bananas-Splitsville?

Ain't no mountain high enough to prevent even Cheyenne from summiting. What else went down in the season finale? 2016.08.04S28.E14

Who's Over A Barrel As The Challenge Heads Into The Final?

The last three Rival teams standing face a twist...and each other? 2016.07.27S28.E13

Family Ties Get Tangled On The Challenge

When a cousin meets a cousin, coming through the dusty chicken-wire tunnel system. 2016.07.20S28.E12

Which Alliance Is Left Holding The Bag On The Challenge?

Or maybe we should ask which dumb team hands itself the bag, but that doesn't narrow it down much, does it? 2016.07.13S28.E11

The Real Challenge Is Deciding Whether Bananas Or Plantains Wins In A 'Who's The Worst' Contest

Meanwhile, the alliances are going the way of...all the girls. 2016.07.06S28.E10

Cory And Ashley Swim With Sharks On The Challenge

But when it comes to scheming with Bananas, are these floaters out of their depth? 2016.06.29S28.E09

The Challenge Turns On The Idiot Box

Drunken scraps and an all-nighter combine in an episode that combines the show's best and worst qualities. 2016.06.22S28.E08

Into The Wild Blue Yonder With The Challenge

Can security stop the Cory-Devin scuffle before it goes off a cliff? Spoiler: obviously. 2016.06.15S28.E07

Your Mom's A Return To Form For The Challenge

Boning, brawling, thaws, thongs, and a surprise twist -- and then another one -- as the show finally pulls it together. 2016.06.08S28.E06

Hosting The Challenge Is A Thinkless Job

As Jessica and Ashley each prove in different ways, and with varying amounts of underpants. 2016.06.01S28.E05

Don't Ask Nany Why The Challenge Has Hardly Any Challenges In It Anymore

It's 70 percent chapped asses this week, literal and figurative. 2016.05.25S28.E04

The New Kids Come In Hot On The Challenge

Leroy and Averey's replacements arrive as Teej continues to switch everything up. 2016.05.18S28.E03

Kicking The Drama Up A Notch On The Challenge

The competition -- not to mention the interpersonal agita -- kicks in for real as the first teams head into elimination. But first: Tony's butt! 2016.05.11S28.E02

Gentlemen: To The Challenge: Rivals III

And evil, although that's probably redundant as the season premiere brings us new faces, old beefs, and bathroom sex. 2016.05.04S28.E01


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