The Challenge: S26

Can't Stop 'Til You Puke Enough

After Nia, Nany, and Bananas left last week, there are officially zero dicks left in the final. But which non-dicks will triumph? 2015.03.25S26.E12

Oslo Motion Train Wreck

The challengers relocate from Panama to Norway. Most of them have packed their shitty, abusive behavior in their carry-ons. 2015.03.18S26.E11

To Be Continued, Continued

This nighttime challenge has everything: strategy, screaming, last-minute twists, baller moves, and a Banana hanging from a rope. 2015.03.11S26.E10

This Shit Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

The good news is that the Exile side-plot is over. The bad news is that it means Bananas and Nany are back in the house and they brought plenty of drama with them. 2015.03.04S26.E09

Finger-Lickin' Politickin' Fried Chicken

Leroy and Nia win Power Couple after a truck-jumping challenge, but it's Wes who proves to be the best at gameplay. 2015.02.25S26.E08

Spell Or Be Spelled

All hail the trivia and spelling challenge, which provides much-needed humor in an episode full of the usual sexism and ill-advised hookups. 2015.02.18S26.E07

There's No 'I' In Team...But There Is One In 'Sexism'

A literal 'guys do the heavy lifting' challenge sends the show's misogyny into hyperdrive. Shut up, Zach. 2015.02.11S26.E06

On Golden, Boggy Pond

Which of these is the grossest: swimming in this random Panamanian pond, drinking a cup of sweat, or being the sorest winner ever? 2015.02.04S26.E05

Rose-Colored Asses

A surprising Power Couple emerges from a paint-carrying challenge, and Nany has the blues. 2015.01.28S26.E04

The Ballad Of CT And Diem

CT and Diem say goodbye to The Challenge, and The Challenge says goodbye to Diem. Plus: the most depressing talking-head segment ever! 2015.01.21S26.E03

Zach & Jonna & Jay & Jenna

Just because you're literally tethered to your ex doesn't mean you can't mack on a girl who's so dumb she thinks Wyoming has a president. 2015.01.14S26.E02

Are You The One...Who Wants To Hang From A Bungee Cord Between Two Buildings In Panama?

Sexism, stupidity, and the specter of death haunt the new season of The Challenge. 2015.01.07S26.E01


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