The Challenge: S25

Ain't No Volcano High Enough keep these people from coming back for five more Challenges, no matter how many times they threaten to quit. 2014.06.27S25.E12

As They Say in Spanish, This Is El Shitshow

It's every man and woman for themselves on Free Agents, which is why they're always in pairs. 2014.06.20S25.E11

St. Cara Of The Challenge

Cara Maria and CT stay Boston Strong when everybody else is Challenge Weak. 2014.06.13S25.E10

Balls To The Wall (And Used As Metaphors)

CT cackles with glee while Laurel and Cara Maria's friendship falls apart. 2014.06.06S25.E09

The Many Loves Of Nany Gonzalez

Nany loves everyone except herself, and TJ is not even trying to hide his favoritism. 2014.05.30S25.E08

It's The Challenge Meets Double Dare

Laurel's inevitable march to the finals involves rolling over tomatoes, sand, and her best friend. 2014.05.23S25.E07

As Stupid Does

The trivia challenge returns, and Bananas humiliates himself. 2014.05.16S25.E06

'Be More Digniforious!'

Tara foolishl-- er, 'supportively' joined Sarah in watching a Challenge episode. This is what we learned. 2014.05.09S25.E05

The Boys And Girls In The Bubbles

This week, there's even more sexism than usual, as all the Challengers are obsessed with gender norms and Bananas rocks Church Lady hair. 2014.05.02S25.E04

Jasmine Shows Her Ass, Bananas Is An Ass

It's a rare victory for feminism as Cara Maria stands up to Bananas. (Meanwhile, Aneesa's horrified reaction face is this week's audience stand-in.) 2014.04.25S25.E03

Battle Of The Catwomen

Alliances -- romantic and otherwise -- begin to form, because absolutely no one on this show understands the 'every man for himself' concept. 2014.04.18S25.E02

Living Single

The more The Challenge: Free Agents changes the game, the more it stays the same (shut up, Bananas). 2014.04.11S25.E01


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