The Challenge

Blurred Heinz

Jemmye's fear of ketchup takes center stage this week on the Challenge Power Rankings. 2013.08.01S24.E04

One Knight In Bangkok

...Okay, Phuket. The point is, Knight makes his objectionable presence felt on this week's Challenge, while Marlon shows himself to be a lover and a fighter. 2013.07.25S24.E03

Eff You, Frank

Surprising comebacks, precipitous falls, and the meanest Teej yet in this week's Challenge power rankings. 2013.07.18S24.E02

Thai Stuck

The Challenge is back, and only Teej is a true winner in our power rankings. 2013.07.11S24.E01

When Is Teej's Tell-All Coming Out?

And other not-quite-burning questions prompted by The Challenge's casting announcement. 2013.05.31


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