The Challenge

To Be Continued, Continued

This nighttime challenge has everything: strategy, screaming, last-minute twists, baller moves, and a Banana hanging from a rope. 2015.03.11S26.E10

This Shit Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

The good news is that the Exile side-plot is over. The bad news is that it means Bananas and Nany are back in the house and they brought plenty of drama with them. 2015.03.04S26.E09

Finger-Lickin' Politickin' Fried Chicken

Leroy and Nia win Power Couple after a truck-jumping challenge, but it's Wes who proves to be the best at gameplay. 2015.02.25S26.E08

Spell Or Be Spelled

All hail the trivia and spelling challenge, which provides much-needed humor in an episode full of the usual sexism and ill-advised hookups. 2015.02.18S26.E07

There's No 'I' In Team...But There Is One In 'Sexism'

A literal 'guys do the heavy lifting' challenge sends the show's misogyny into hyperdrive. Shut up, Zach. 2015.02.11S26.E06

On Golden, Boggy Pond

Which of these is the grossest: swimming in this random Panamanian pond, drinking a cup of sweat, or being the sorest winner ever? 2015.02.04S26.E05

Rose-Colored Asses

A surprising Power Couple emerges from a paint-carrying challenge, and Nany has the blues. 2015.01.28S26.E04

The Ballad Of CT And Diem

CT and Diem say goodbye to The Challenge, and The Challenge says goodbye to Diem. Plus: the most depressing talking-head segment ever! 2015.01.21S26.E03

Zach & Jonna & Jay & Jenna

Just because you're literally tethered to your ex doesn't mean you can't mack on a girl who's so dumb she thinks Wyoming has a president. 2015.01.14S26.E02

Are You The One...Who Wants To Hang From A Bungee Cord Between Two Buildings In Panama?

Sexism, stupidity, and the specter of death haunt the new season of The Challenge. 2015.01.07S26.E01

Ain't No Volcano High Enough keep these people from coming back for five more Challenges, no matter how many times they threaten to quit. 2014.06.27S25.E12

As They Say in Spanish, This Is El Shitshow

It's every man and woman for themselves on Free Agents, which is why they're always in pairs. 2014.06.20S25.E11

St. Cara Of The Challenge

Cara Maria and CT stay Boston Strong when everybody else is Challenge Weak. 2014.06.13S25.E10

Balls To The Wall (And Used As Metaphors)

CT cackles with glee while Laurel and Cara Maria's friendship falls apart. 2014.06.06S25.E09

The Many Loves Of Nany Gonzalez

Nany loves everyone except herself, and TJ is not even trying to hide his favoritism. 2014.05.30S25.E08

It's The Challenge Meets Double Dare

Laurel's inevitable march to the finals involves rolling over tomatoes, sand, and her best friend. 2014.05.23S25.E07

As Stupid Does

The trivia challenge returns, and Bananas humiliates himself. 2014.05.16S25.E06

EHG Mini: Important TV Phones

...Oh yeah, that one's on the list. 2014.05.12

'Be More Digniforious!'

Tara foolishl-- er, 'supportively' joined Sarah in watching a Challenge episode. This is what we learned. 2014.05.09S25.E05

The Boys And Girls In The Bubbles

This week, there's even more sexism than usual, as all the Challengers are obsessed with gender norms and Bananas rocks Church Lady hair. 2014.05.02S25.E04


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