The Challenge

The Challenge's Finale Is A Not-So-Amazing Race

The three remaining teams eat, wait for a train that never comes, paddle a canoe, and solve a puzzle. Where's Phil Keoghan? 2016.02.18S27.E13

Puking And Crying

It's the first part of the final challenge, and you know what that means! Lots of vomiting. No, like A LOT. 2016.02.11S27.E12

Take My Breath Away

The final four teams head to Berlin for an action-movie challenge, plus carping (caaaahping) about Cara's disappearing Boston accent. 2016.02.04S27.E11

The Challenge Tries To Get Up That Great Big Hill Of Hope

The Challengers compete in a mini-final full of heavy lifting, puzzle-solving, and gratuitous closeups of puking. 2016.01.28S27.E10

The Challenge Puts Two Dicks In A Box

Bananas and Abram get close to each other underwater as The Challenge dips its toes into American Gladiator waters. 2016.01.21S27.E09

In Memory Of Diem Brown, Let’s Try Hard To Fail At This Challenge

CT and Diem’s sister Faith make a cameo to demo this week’s challenge, because falling in a mud pit is the sixth stage of grief. 2016.01.14S27.E08

The Wrecking Ball And The Sledgehammer Come Down On The Challenge

This episode is all about destruction, and Bananas is the one wreaking it. 2016.01.07S27.E07

Know Your Role, Especially If Your Role Is 'Cannon Fodder'

It's a double episode, so two more teams head home. That leaves plenty of time for betrayal, drink-throwing, casual racism, and Nany lording it over the newbies. 2015.12.31S27.E05

How Do You Solve A Problem Like An Abram (On The Challenge)?

It's Trivia Challenge Day, but it's also Show Up To Join A Team With Your Girlfriend And The Guy She's Been Making Out With Day. Welcome back, Abe! 2015.12.24S27.E04

The Challenge Gets Green With Envy (Or, More Likely, Nausea)

In an episode full of twists, the scariest one is Tony taking a nasty fall into the water and getting so sick he changes color. 2015.12.17S27.E03


Will Brianna's buzzkillitude enc-ROACH on her team's Challenge success? 2015.12.10S27.E02

Our Longing For A&E's Daybreaks Programming Block Remains Undiminished

Plus midseason finales, reality premieres, and a Hartman biopic in Lunch And A Show. 2015.12.03

Battle Of The Redshirts

This year's crop of Fresh Meat is the relatives of the Challengers. Luckily, the cumulative IQ remains the same. 2015.12.03S27.E01

Which Other Reality Shows Should Get The UnREAL Treatment?

And how should their fake cast members meet untimely ends? 2015.07.27

Can't Stop 'Til You Puke Enough

After Nia, Nany, and Bananas left last week, there are officially zero dicks left in the final. But which non-dicks will triumph? 2015.03.25S26.E12

Oslo Motion Train Wreck

The challengers relocate from Panama to Norway. Most of them have packed their shitty, abusive behavior in their carry-ons. 2015.03.18S26.E11

To Be Continued, Continued

This nighttime challenge has everything: strategy, screaming, last-minute twists, baller moves, and a Banana hanging from a rope. 2015.03.11S26.E10

This Shit Is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

The good news is that the Exile side-plot is over. The bad news is that it means Bananas and Nany are back in the house and they brought plenty of drama with them. 2015.03.04S26.E09

Finger-Lickin' Politickin' Fried Chicken

Leroy and Nia win Power Couple after a truck-jumping challenge, but it's Wes who proves to be the best at gameplay. 2015.02.25S26.E08

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