The Chair

Falling In With A Bad Crowd: Shane And Friends

Subscription VOD service fullscreen launches with, among others, a video podcast from Shane Dawson and Jessie Buttafuoco. Should you try to sit at their table? 2016.04.27

Come What Mayhem

If Allstate spokesdick Dean Winters ever steps down, Sarah's got a few ideas for replacing him. 2015.03.27

'You Don't Hear "Yes" All That Often'

The Chair producers Elizabeth Yng-Wong, Jon Berry, and Rob and Dave Henry talked to Sarah and John about financing, equal time, and the IRL awesomeness of Corey Moosa. 2015.01.06

'For Me, Reviews Don't Really Mean Whether A Movie Is Good Or Not' - Shane Dawson, Conveniently.

The Chair's excellent first season comes to its unsurprising conclusion. Sarah has a few last questions. 2014.11.09S01.E10

Talk To The Hand

Post-production is underway on The Chair, and Shane's mulish resistance to notes could cost him. 2014.11.02S01.E09

Battle Of The Chair Movies

Sarah D. Bunting's will-win/should-win prediction based on a handful of critical metrics. 2014.10.30

'As If Anybody Is Looking For Them'

Shane's mean-girl moment, Shader explains it all for you, and more from The Chair. 2014.10.25S01.E08

Why Isn't Everyone Else Perfect Like Me?

And other annoying (and hilarious) faces from The Chair. 2014.10.18S01.E07

Anna To The Inefficient Power

Plus Moosa's hilarious kicks, Quinto squashes a horror giggle, and more from The Chair. 2014.10.11S01.E06

'Am I Hugging People Too Much?'

Great news, everyone! Victor's back! Also, Shane is apparently unfamiliar with post-production. Like, that it exists. 2014.10.04S01.E05

'Most Of The Crew Can Functionally Ignore Her'

John put on his producer hat to talk to Sarah about The Chair's latest episode. 2014.09.27S01.E04

Why Wasn't Anna's Husband Hired When He's Basically Directing The Movie Remotely Anyway?

And other not-quite-burning questions about The Chair's deer in the headlights. 2014.09.20S01.E03

EHG 42: The Fall Guys

John Ramos returns to talk about the fall shows we're excited for...and the ones that make us nervous. 2014.09.16

Chris Moore Is In Over His Head, Anna?

And other not-quite-burning questions from the second episode of The Chair. 2014.09.13S01.E02

Should You Send Yourself To The Chair?

Starz's Saturday-night Project Green Lite follows one script in the hands of two first-time directors. 2014.09.07S01.E01


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