The Celebrity Apprentice

A Meditation On Here & Now At Exactly 11:11

The panel plus Joe Reid try to stay zen about Alan Ball's latest HBO drama, plus Arrested Development for the Nonac and a very novel Game Time! 2018.02.14

EHG 147: We're Digging The Americans

But maybe not Paige? Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns to talk tradecraft, Mad Men, and comedy on TV. 2017.03.07

EHG Mini: Make The Apprentice Great Again

Finding new pols to host NBC's long-running reality show. 2017.01.23

EHG 138: Filling Our Plates With Top Chef

We invited Jeff Drake to sharpen his knives for his latest visit! 2016.12.13

EHG Mini: No Holds Crossover

Logic is no object for these dream crossover concepts. 2016.08.08

A Highly Subjective Ranking Of TV Personages Born On The Fourth Of July

TV-western haunted history, early soap stars, and the utterly American tackitude of The Situation. 2016.07.01

California Dreaming With The Governator, 90210, And Greenlight

Are the Miss America pageant, Pete Jones, and Celebrity Apprentice among the walking dead we ought to fear? 2015.09.14

Lunch And A Show: Your (Last) Moment Of Zen

The Daily Show bids farewell to Jon Stewart. The Republican field and Trump, no such luck. 2015.08.07

EHG 76: Under The Dome And Dumber

Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns for a discussion of the most (a)pathetic show on network TV. 2015.06.30

Funny Business

The Donald crowns a winner in a bloated finale; Sarah D. Bunting has some 'right-sizing' thoughts for next season. 2015.02.17S14.E08

A Wizard Did It

The final two take on the final task in an hour of Apprentice that felt like a week and a half. 2015.02.10S14.E07

'We've Really Reached A New Low'

Well, it's a low; Sarah D. Bunting doesn't know how new it is. The Donald's firing spree and more from Celebrity Apprentice. 2015.02.03S14.E06

Lost At Sea

Day trips and hotel marketing junkets get the best of two Apprentices. 2015.01.27S14.E05

There's No 'Ian' In 'Team'

The Celebrity Apprentices sell shoes and coffee, Ziering is annoying, and Brandi makes a lot of sense? It's Chock Full O' Nuts, all right. 2015.01.20S14.E04

TCA 2015: A Spy, A Lesbian, Some Bros, And Jesus Walk Into A Network...

The stars are shiny at NBC, but the shows could use buffing. 2015.01.16

EHG 54: The 72nd Oscars Jr. Awards

Who better to join us for a Golden Globes chat than our dear old friend Joe 'Smooth Joey Apollo' Reid? No one, that's who. 2015.01.13

A Stunning Lack Of Self(ie)-Awareness

Geraldo continues to alienate the viewing public as the Celebrity Apprentices tackle Cosmo layouts and wedding retail. 2015.01.13S14.E03

Any Gibbons Monday

Leeza Gibbons burnishes her credentials as a stealth champion as the Celebrity Apprentice burnoff burns on. 2015.01.06S14.E02

Cos And Effect

Keshia Knight Pulliam's turn as project manager comes under fire in the Celebrity Apprentice premiere. 2015.01.05S14.E01

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