The Carrie Diaries

Brenda Shirts, General Hospital Games, And Crying Dawson Pins: Gifts For Soap/Romance-Show Fans

Don't forget to right a fang-you note for those Barnabas Collins teeth! 2015.12.10

EHG 27: Game Of Chicken

Previously.TV’s Game Of Thrones experts visit to discuss the poultry-tastic Season 4 premiere. 2014.04.08

EHG 19: The Case Of Sherlock's Third Season

John Ramos joins the EHG gang to talk Holmes canon, old-school Survivor, and a new Emmy category. It's elementa-Ramos-y! 2014.02.04

The Old College Try

Why The Carrie Diaries could (and should!) survive university. 2014.02.01S02.E13

The Carrie Diaries Time-Travels More Than Doctor Who

Easily avoidable anachronisms mar the Sex & The City prequel’s otherwise delightful '80s setting. 2014.01.31

Sad But True

A change in Walt's fortunes bails out an atypically poor episode of The Carrie Diaries. 2014.01.13S02.E10

Samantha And Larissa: Best Frenemies

The Carrie Diaries shows how rivals can overcome their differences and find common ground: with sex! 2014.01.13S02.E10

Two Girls, One Couch

Once again, The Carrie Diaries counters our doubts with Mouse-based hilarity. 2014.01.06S02.E09

The Emancipation Of Maggie

The Carrie Diaries gives its bad girl a life makeover. Yay! 2013.11.11S02.E03

EHG Mini: Character Trade Deadline

We're strategically moving characters from one show into another! 2013.11.11

EHG 11: Say It Ain't So

A tearless farewell to a guy we'll also talk to on tomorrow's Mini. 2013.11.04

Mouse Makes A Splash

The highlight of the Carrie Diaries premiere. 2013.10.28S02.E01

I Just Can't Get Enough

That's both a period-appropriate song title AND a phrase that describes the commentator's view of The Carrie Diaries! 2013.04.09S01.E13

The Super-Smarmy 1984 High School Ex

Oh boy. Guy. Never make that face again. 2013.02.19S01.E06


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