The Bridge

The Bridge's Second Season Offers Lots Of Reasons To Jump Off

Looking back on a sophomore season that managed to be both weird and boring. 2014.10.01S02.E13

Finally, Someone Tells Sonya To Get Rid Of That Ugly Jacket

It HAD to be said. Too bad the advice comes from someone whose advice on fashion -- or anything else -- Sonya is likely to ignore. 2014.09.17S02.E11

Battle Of The Andys Buckley

One's a paper-company executive. The other's a not-totally-legal GP (where the 'G' stands for 'gangster'). Which comes out ahead? 2014.09.10S02.E10

Back In The Saddle (And Hat)

The DEA pulls Hank off leave. And not so the agents can take him out for lunch. 2014.09.03S02.E09

Hello? Anybody Out There?

A feral man chained up in a box talks about the events of The Bridge, and also a lot about FX's Tyrant. 2014.08.28S02.E08

Ask A Spooky Cartel Enforcer

Eleanor Nacht has creatively solved a lot of problems for an international crime syndicate, and now she's solving yours! 2014.08.20S02.E07

Cartels Don't Get Powerful By Forgetting When People Cross Them

Just to be safe, maybe don't cross anyone who might know someone in a cartel either. 2014.08.06S01.E05

The Bridge's Ray Of Sunshine

Finally, someone who got in bed with the cartel and still managed to keep his joie de vivre! 2014.07.30S02.E04

The Bridge Is Proving You Can Be Too Psychopathic To Work Effectively In Organized Crime

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks Eleanor Nacht is a cautionary example of 'too crazy to be in a cartel's enforcement wing.' 2014.07.23S02.E03

Just Because A Lady's Showering In A Car Wash Doesn't Mean She's Helpless

And that's just one of the lessons Kyle learned from his run-in with Eleanor Nacht. 2014.07.16S02.E02

The Bridge Introduces A Bad-Ass Hiding In Plain Sight/Dowdy Clothes

And she helps give Timmy the bank assistant a day he'll never forget! 2014.07.09S02.E01

EHG 25: Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, And Trip

When Trip Payne returns to talk RuPaul's Drag Race and historic sitcoms, everyone's a winner. 2014.03.25

Crossing The Line

Looking back on the first season of The Bridge. 2013.10.03S01.E13

Steven Linder: The SMILEY Coyote

You've tried the rest: now try the one who seems the creepiest but is actually, probably, out of all your not-so-great options, the best. 2013.09.26S01.E12

EHG Mini: Best & Worst Serial Killers

The best -- and most annoying! -- super-organized murderers on TV, featuring foreign-language nominees galore…and one pointed omission. 2013.09.26

FX Renews The Bridge For A Second Season

You like cross-border co-operation, right? 2013.09.24

Your Cheating Heart Will Make You Weep

On The Bridge, Marco learns a lot of hard lessons. 2013.09.19S01.E11

EHG Mini: Serial Killer Arts & Crafts Walls

We've seen them on The Bridge, Homeland, and even The Simpsons, but is it time to retire the TV trope of the master criminal's crafty collage wall? 2013.09.16

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