The Blacklist: S01

A Whole Lot Of Not Much

The Blacklist's season finale is pretty much what you'd expect. Is Mark on board for Season 2? 2014.05.13S01.E22

Liz And Tom's Viciously Twisted Marriage Makes The Blacklist Must-See TV

Who's going to crack first and start punching? Mark can barely handle the suspense! 2014.04.01S01.E18

Whoa! A Perfectly Blacklist-y Blacklist!

And all it took was Campbell Scott. 2014.01.28S01.E13

Jolene, I'm Begging Of You, Please Don't Assassinate My Man

Does The Blacklist have room for a second mole? 2014.01.21S01.E12

Be Very Quiet…I'm Killing Rabbits

How Blacklist-y is quasi-justifiable homicide? 2014.01.14S01.E10

The Calls Are Coming From Near Your House!

The Blacklist drops some surveillance bombs. 2013.12.03S01.E10

The Bloods And The Crypt

How Blacklist-y is improvised surgery? 2013.11.26S01.E09

Daddy Ain't Daddy

And we just learned a lot about Red. 2013.11.12S01.E08

Red Hot Hat Dogs! Get Your Red Hot Hat Dogs Here!

The Blacklist leans into its favorite symbols. 2013.11.05S01.E07

How Blacklist-y Is An Underwater Nuke?

Spoiler: pretty Blacklist-y. 2013.10.29S01.E06

How Blacklist-y Are Walter White's Chemicals?

The Stewmaker got those at Walter's garage sale, right? 2013.10.15S01.E04

How Blacklist-y Is A Top-Secret Nicotine Patch?

And why didn't Red think of using it? 2013.10.08S01.E03

The To-Don't List

If The Blacklist is going to insist that its lead has to have a shoulder-length bob, here are a few things not to do going forward. 2013.09.24S01.E01

Is The Blacklist A Typical Thriller Or Not?

We've seen these parts before, but do they add up to a new whole? 2013.09.24S01.E01


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