The Blacklist

How Blacklist-y Are Walter White's Chemicals?

The Stewmaker got those at Walter's garage sale, right? 2013.10.15S01.E04

How Blacklist-y Is A Top-Secret Nicotine Patch?

And why didn't Red think of using it? 2013.10.08S01.E03

EHG 7: Hooray For Fall TV

Now that most of the season's new shows have premiered, we review the ones we've sampled and discuss which we liked, which we didn't, and which might be gone by the time you get to the end of this sentence. 2013.10.01

The To-Don't List

If The Blacklist is going to insist that its lead has to have a shoulder-length bob, here are a few things not to do going forward. 2013.09.24S01.E01

Is The Blacklist A Typical Thriller Or Not?

We've seen these parts before, but do they add up to a new whole? 2013.09.24S01.E01

Honey, That Psycho Ain't Your Friend

The Blacklist needs some folksy wisdom. 2013.05.15

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